We have all heard or seen the historical beauty that Charleston is known for. This peninsula has nearly every type of entertainment available, including some of the nation’s best dining, shopping, green spaces, and tours based on Charleston’s history. Charleston marinas are only another attraction this area offers. Beyond the land, the surrounding waters are equally as captivating. 

Explore Fort Sumter Boating

Just because you’re on the water doesn’t mean you are leaving history behind. Although you cannot dock your boat at Fort Sumter, you can catch a close-up glimpse as you circle the island. Beyond history, the surrounding waters are teeming with sea life, including dolphins, sea turtles, and more. Consider going by boat to visit secluded beaches or stop in at waterfront restaurants such as the row of dining establishments lining Shem Creek. For the fisherman, blue crab, sea trout, redfish, and flounder are all in abundance. 

Charleston peninsula is jam-packed with development, but surprisingly enough, it is extremely limited on the amount of both waterfront dining options in addition to dockage space. You will notice that the eastern side or Wando River shoreline has no public dockage available, mostly because it is a shipping port. The port utilizes a significant amount of waterfront property. The western side on the Ashley River offers two marinas available to the public. 

What Are The Two Marinas Located In The City Of Charleston?

Take it from me, I have spent a significant amount of time in Charleston, therefore, I am very familiar with the marinas. Fortunately, the marinas are highly accessible and as a result, you will not be required to plan tides or navigate narrow waterways. Importantly, the distance to the open Atlantic Ocean is minimal. With that being said, checkout the best two marinas in the city of Charleston.

The Harborage at Ashley Marina

The Harborage at Ashley Marina is equipped with all of the amenities that you can ask for. Additionally, the marina is conveniently located with short run times to both the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean’s open seas. 

What type of dockage does the marina offer?

Residents of the greater Charleston area are requested to call regarding long term dockage availability by calling 843-772-1996.

Importantly, if you’re a visitor to the area, a slip can be booked nightly, weekly, or monthly. The rates vary based on the total length of the craft in addition to power requirements. The marina has 30, 50, and 100 amp electrical hookups available.

To see the most current dockage rates visit the marinas rate page where you can book online. 

The marina was recently renovated and can accommodate vessels up to 150 feet in length. The marina can also hold up to 230 boats, so slip requests should be granted at any given time except for special events. 

You can feel right at home with all of the amenities available to you-

  1. Well maintained showers and bathrooms.
  2. Cable TV and the Internet at every slip to keep up to speed on both work and news. 
  3. A laundry facility is at your disposal.
  4. The Harborage staff is courteous and will assist with all of your needs during the stay.
  5. Pump out services for an added fee.
  6. Two gas pumps and three high-speed diesel pumps with a 20-40 gallon flow rate per minute. 
  7. For the fisherman, a fish cleaning station is centrally located for your use.
  8. Finally, a shuttle van is available to transport you through the downtown area to pick up food, supplies or enjoy the entertainment.

Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina

Situated just a half a mile from The Harborage at Ashley Marina is Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina. This marina is capable of offering dockage space from small cruisers to mega yachts. Charleston City Marina has hosted some of the most notable yachts in the world.

Again, I have visited multiple Charleston marinas and can attest to Safe Harbor being a front runner.

Access to the Intercoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean is very similar in distance to the peninsula’s other marina. 

What type of dockage does Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina offer?

The marina can host crafts ranging from as small as 30 feet up to over 450. It should be noted that the rates vary. Unquestionably you are required to complete the online request form or call 843-723-5098 to inquire. 

Another added benefit to this marina is that they offer service. The services include mechanical, electrical, fiberglass, and more. As a result of the services, you will have no need to leave the marina and head to a service center. 

The marina offers superb amenities to include-

  1. Both wifi and cable television.
  2. A facility to do laundry.
  3. Excellent dining right at the marina by stopping in at the Marina Variety Store Restaurant
  4. Updated bathroom and shower facilities. 
  5. Excellent safety measures by having coded gates, fenced parking, and onsight security. 
  6. Parking fees are included with slip reservations. 
  7. Spacious fuel dock with friendly attendants.
  8. Pump out services at each slip.
  9. Fish cleaning stations if you’re headed back in from catching the evening’s dinner.
  10. Lastly, a shuttle service for you and your guests to explore downtown or pick up necessities.


Remember, take it from me I have visited both Charleston marinas. With two options available on the peninsula, the decision of which to choose can be difficult. Each has very similar amenities. One of the more significant differences is the size of the vessel, which can be accommodated. Charleston City Marina can house much larger boats, and in turn, as a result, more people are roaming around, and space can be crowded. If you’re looking for more personalized attention in a quieter setting, The Harborage at Ashley River is your best bet.