One of the most important elements in boating is reducing the impact of waves. First, waves affect passengers when running from destination to destination. Secondly, waves roll vessels from side to side when at anchor or dockside. Importantly, hull variations are impacted by the motion of a wave differently. For this reason, it is important to understand why the hull shape causes a boat to be more or less stable. A catamaran hull offers the most comfortable ride. Here is why catamarans offer the most smooth ride compared to other hull varieties. 

What Type Of Boats Are Built On Catamaran Hulls

Two varieties of vessels are constructed with a catamaran style hull. Without a doubt, it is likely you have seen one of the two when venturing through marinas or spending time on the water. Here is a breakdown on the two variations of catamaran hulls. 


Sailboats are widely popular because of their ability to move through the water without motorized propulsion. Additionally, sailboaters have the opportunity to listen to the sounds of the seas as they are not muffled out by roaring engines. 

When comparing a V shaped sailboat to a catamaran sailing vessel, the catamaran offers substantially more deck space topside. The space is a result of the deck spanning between the hulls. 

Power Boat

Catamarans are more than just sailing vessels. Power cats are catamarans equipped with engine power. Rather than using the wind, the marine engines are powered by gasoline or diesel fuel. 

Again, the top deck is wide, allowing for ample space to move about. Power and sail catamarans are widely used in Caribbean boat rental fleets. 

What Is A Catamaran Style Hull

A catamaran style hull is unique when compared to the standard V hull. A catamaran consists of two separate hulls. The hulls, although spaced apart, are connected on the top by the deck of the vessels. 

Importantly, water is allowed to pass between the two separate hulls. Therefore, while underway, water is moving not only along the outside of the vessel. But, in addition, also beneath the vessel between the two hulls. 

When compared to a V hull, the water passes along the outside of the port and starboard sides as it is one solid structure as opposed to two. 

Why Are Catamaran Boats More Stable

There is no question about it; a catamaran hull is far more stable when compared to a V hull. The cat, as a result of the spacing between each hull, offers stability. 

Stability is generated because of the wide footprint. A V hull rocks from side to side, whereas the cat hull offers two points of contact with the water. The two points of contact lessen the effects of waves. 

Without a doubt, the matching hulls distribute weight evenly. An even distribution and a wide beam are fundamental in reducing the side to side and back and forth rocking motions. 

My Personal Experience On Catamaran Boats

Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to spend time on both a sail cat and a power cat. Undoubtedly, the two perform far superior in rough sea conditions compared to a V shaped hull. 

I have never owned a catamaran but have owned V hull boats. For this reason, I can tell the difference between the two forms of construction. Here is what I found most notable about catamarans compared to V hulls. 

Ability To Stand 

 No matter if the boat is moving or if the boat is at anchor or dockside, standing is noticeably easier. 

Again, the wide beam and two hulls reduce the impacts of waves. The ability to stand is significantly different between a V hull and a cat. 

Impact From Seas While Running

Without a doubt, I have experienced rough seas while operating vessels as a captain and personally.

Considering most of my time has been on a V hull, I quickly realized the difference in the ride to that of a catamaran. 

The catamaran hull lessens the impact of waves as the boat does not heal as sharply from side to side. 

Additionally, the catamaran hulls are typically more narrow when compared to a V hull. The narrow shape allows for each hull to cut through the waves with ease. Again, reducing the impact felt on the body. 

Catamarans Offer A Smooth Ride

I have been fortunate enough to spend ample time on the water between small boats and yachts. Without question, the catamaran style hull is the most smooth ride. One drawback is that they often have a wider footprint, which makes trailering and dockage more complicated. However, the benefits of a catamaran outweigh the negatives.