One of the best options for storing a boat in the water or on a lift is at a private boat slip. Private boat slips are widely available along the East Coast of the United States, but finding them is challenging. In most cases, waterfront property owners with a dock have room for more than one vessel. With that being said, not only can the owner store a boat but also profit from additional usable dockage space. Here is what you need to know about boat slips for rent and, in particular, private slips. 

What Are The Benefits Of Renting Private Slip Space

There are many benefits of taking advantage of bloat slips for rent, especially on private property. Importantly, public slip space is likely available, but it comes with its drawbacks. Here are the reasons why private boat slips for rent are ideal for you as a boat owner.


Unfortunately, year after year, boats become targets for thieves. While the goal of a thief is not necessarily to steal the boat, in some cases, they target onboard equipment and gear. 

Without question, public marinas offer security protection, including cameras and often guards. However, more people have access to a marina slip compared to a private slip. 

Private slips are more secure simply because fellow boaters and unwelcomed guests are not strolling past your boat on foot. 

With that being said, private slips eliminate unwanted guests. Understandably, a boater could pull up to the dock and perform a robbery, but it is less likely. Again, private docks are often fitted with cameras and motion lights or motion sirens. 

Importantly, I suggest removing valuable items when departing the dock as an extra measure of security.


I can tell you firsthand that parking, especially during the weekend, is congested at marinas. For this reason, private docking is often a better option.

Rather than circling the parking lot and battling the crowds, consider a private boat slip. Most often, the property owner will notify you of specific locations to leave your vehicle. The property owner needs to avoid being blocked in or out. 

The distance between the driveway and the boat slip varies depending on location. I suggest asking if the owner allows a dock cart for loading gear to haul back and forth from the driveway to the boat. 

Dock Resources

I will not go as far as to say marinas don’t have resources available to their patrons. Most marines are equipped with hose connections within close proximity to the slip. Additionally, you are likely to find a fish cleaning table. 

When renting a private dock, you will not need to wait for a hose to become available. Considering it’s you and the owner, fresh water will be available when needed. 

The presence of a fillet table is highly dependent on the person renting the slip. In some cases, a fillet table is available, whereas others do not include this as a matter of convenience. 

Unquestionably, boat lifts or floating rafts preserve the life of a vessel. While you can expect to pay more if either is available, they are an excellent resource for a boat owner. 

One drawback is the likelihood of a usable bathroom. Unless the owner has a boathouse and allows you access, don’t expect to have a usable toilet. 

Private Slip Rental Cost Vs. Marina Slip Rental Cost

Without question, private slip rental costs and marina slip rental costs vary based on a multitude of reasons. One of the biggest impacts on cost for either is location. Prime locations cost more money, such as near an inlet or waterfront dining on a lake. 

Generally speaking, private slip space comes at a higher cost per month. The cost is higher because of the added level of convenience. However, pricing is highly dependent on the condition of the dock. I highly recommend inspecting the dock before signing a contract. Don’t trust the images provided in the slip space rental listing

If you’re willing to spend more on the added features of private dockage, it is a good alternative to marina slips. Conversely, if you’re satisfied with sharing marina space and understand that weekends are busy, go the marina route. 

Boat Slips For Rent: What’s Best For You

Based on the pros and cons of a private boat slip rental versus a marina, decide what option is best for you and your boat. No matter which you choose, the benefits of being out on the water are countless. Lastly, read the contract closely before signing on the dotted line.