When transporting rods and reels, whether to a boat or a favorite shore fishing location, storage is critical. All too often, fishing combinations are broken as a result of transportation. Considering all of the fishing opportunities in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, between salt and freshwater, rods are transported regularly. Additionally, avid anglers most frequently utilize pickup trucks. Consider a fishing rod holder mounted in a truck bed. Here is what you need to know about a truck bed fishing rod holder. 

Why Are Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holders Necessary

The movement of rods and reels from the house to the marina or bank presents a risk. All fishing combinations are often broken due to mishandling or smashing the tailgate on the delicate fishing gear. Like golf cart rod holders, they are capable of being installed in trucks as well.

The tips of rods snap when jammed between the truck’s body and the liftgate. Additionally, fishing combinations are prone to sliding about the bed when the truck is in motion. Unfortunately, deceleration and rapid acceleration cause the tips or butts to smash the front or back of the bed. All of these instances put the fishing gear at risk of breaking. 

Install a truck bed fishing rod holder to reduce the likelihood of breakage to fishing combinations. The fishing rod holder eliminates rods and reels from sliding. Instead of laying flat in the bed, fishing butts are placed in rod holders and positioned to elevate the tips. Neither the butts nor tips are damaged in this position due to sliding. 

How Are Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holders Mounted To Truck Beds

Fishing rod holders are mounted to truck beds in a multitude of ways. The primary purpose of a bed-mounted rod holder is to reduce breakage and increase organization before heading out fishing.

Bed Mounted

Bed-mounted rod holders attach in a multitude of ways. The most simple to install are purchased and include a ratchet. Ratchet rod holders are removable. Therefore, they are not permanently screwed into the bed. 

Attach the rod holder by connecting the ratcheting shaft from the driver’s side of the bed to the passenger side. Crank the ratchet arm to extend the bar until it holds snugly in place. Lastly, place the rod and reel combinations in the holders. 

Tool Box Mounted

Truck beds fitted with toolboxes are capable of receiving rod holder attachments. Fortunately, most toolbox rod holders are removable to be stowed when not in use. 

Locking clips attach directly to the tailgate side of the toolbox utilizing nuts and bolts. A locking clip is found on the driver and passenger sides. Once the clips are snugly installed, use the cam locks to secure the rod holder to the toolbox on the left and right sides. Once the cams are turned and locked, the holder is ready to receive rods and reels for transportation. Check out this tool box mounted rod holder.

What Are The Drawbacks Of A Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holder

Truck bed-mounted fishing rod holders are highly functional and serve the purpose of freeing space and reducing the likelihood of damage to rod and reel combinations. However, bed fishing rod holders have drawbacks. 


One of the most significant drawbacks is security. Rod and reel combinations should never be left unsupervised while placed in a truck bed rod holder. Thieves are capable of removing the costly gear in a matter of seconds. 

Take into account the stops along the way before arriving at the boat or shoreline. Anglers pull into bait shops for bait, gas stations for ice, and grocery stores to pick up lunch. While at each store, the gear remains unattended.

Ensure to have a friend or family member along the ride to supervise while one shops and alternate as needed. 

A second option is to secure fishing rod and reel combinations with a thin steel cable. Run the cable in and out of each combo and connect the two ends with a key or combination lock. Remove the locking system when you arrive at your destination.

Storing The Rod Holder

Let’s face it; truck beds are wide; therefore, rod holders are big and clunky. When rod holders are not in use, they are best stored inside a garage to prevent theft. 

Due to the size, rod holders require precious storage space. When possible, hang the rod holder on a wall or other area out of the way to prevent tripping on and damaging the equipment. 

Are You Ready To Fit Your Truck With A Truck Bed Fishing Rod Holder

Avoid sliding your rod and reel combinations of the truck’s bed where they become broken from sliding or piling gear on top. Install a fishing rod holder when transporting rods and reels by truck. The installation is simple and requires little to no tools. Lastly, ensure to combine the rod holder with a steel cable and lock to prevent theft of costly gear.