The wind plays a critical factor in the operation of vessels both in the inland and offshore waters of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Wind impacts departing docks, returning to docks, navigation, and sea conditions. A wind finder is essential to research the wind speed and direction before heading out on the water. Learn the best resource for boaters to obtain wind-related information at the top of their fingertips. 

How Do I Find Wind Direction In My Area

While all boaters have the option to flip on the local news to read the day’s forecast, wind directions and speeds shift. The shifting of winds and speed is frequent as warm and cold fronts pass.

Considering the majority of the population utilizes a smartphone, apps are the best resource to determine local weather conditions. We highly recommend the Windfinder app to determine the wind direction in your area. 

How Do I Find Wind Speed In My Area

The best method for finding wind speed is by utilizing the Wind Finder app. Simply download the application on your android or apple phone and add your location to the favorites tab at the bottom. Once logged into your phone, only the app, favorites icon, and location require clicking. 

With just three clicks, the daily forecast is displayed before you on a phone or tablet. When planning future trips, the forecast extends out ten days. 

Is The Windfinder App Free

Yes, the standard version of the app is a free download. However, ads are removed, and additional services are available when subscribing monthly or annually. However, the free version provides boaters with all of the necessary information. 

The app is found in the apple store on iPhones and Google Play on Android. Search for Windfinder and download the free application before heading out boating. 

Is Windfinder Accurate

Wind Finder is highly accurate. We can attest that the information provided in the app closely matches the conditions on the water. 

We operate vessels in both inshore and offshore waters and rely solely on the windfinder app. The app provides necessary information and is highly beneficial when navigating through inlets. When the wind and currents oppose each other, wave heights nearly double in size. On days with stiff winds and high seas, we plan arrivals and departures based on the app.

What Resources Does The Windfinder App Include

The Wind Finder app includes the following resources, wind speed range, wind direction, air temperature, wave height, wave interval spacing, and tidal information. 

Each specific piece of information is displayed in three-hour intervals. Lastly, update times are displayed at the top of the screen. Both the current forecast posting time and future update are marked. 

How Does Windfinder Assist Boaters

The app is a one-stop shop to assist route planning, considering windfinder provides details on vital wind information, tides, and wave reports. 

Before leaving the driveway, review the conditions as they may be unfavorable for departing the dock. Additionally, offshore fishing trips often require altering due to extreme wave heights. Consider remaining inland when the winds and waves or forecasted to be dangerous. Lastly, know your limits. Never risk operating the vessel in conditions that exceed its ability to remain buoyant. Monitor for small craft advisories

Are You Ready To Download The Windfinder App

The next time you head out on the boat remember to use the Wind Finder app before entering the marina or boat ramp. Windfinder provides all of the pertinent information a boater can ask for. Most important is that the information is accessible at no cost. Lets face it, owning and operating vessels is costly so any bit of savings helps.