One of the most commonly found menu items in a restaurant that serves seafood is the crab cake. Often they will be called Maryland Style Crab Cakes because of the blue crab used in the ingredients to make them. The Chesapeake Bay area of Maryland is home to one of the most substantial blue crab fisheries. The combination of ingredients creates a tasty lunch, dinner, or appetizer. While you may think they are challenging to cook or have trouble sourcing the ingredients, cooking crab cakes is simple. 

Why are crab cakes so popular?

The major reason that crab cakes are so popular is that they taste great. In addition, the basic crab cake is not all that difficult to make. 

When forming a crab cake at home or ordering one from a restaurant, the ingredients are common and found in most households. Bread crumbs and crab meat are the two primary components of the recipe. Crabmeat is sweet flavored, and very tender. A cooked crab, much like the meat itself, is soft and flavourful. 

What Is In A Crab Cake? 

Easy crab cakes most commonly consist of the following ingredients.

-Bread crumbs


-Red pepper


-Lemon juice




-Spice seasoning of choice

In what ways can crab cakes be cooked?

Crab cakes can be cooked in a variety of ways. Traditionally crab patties are fixed in a frying pan on the cooktop. However, you can also bake them, air fryer crab cakes, grilled crab cakes, and more. 

Many times people often ask about a healthy crab cake recipe. A healthy version can be accomplished with just a slight modification. Breadcrumbs are a filler and can easily be removed. Keep in mind that the crab cake may fall apart more quickly, but this makes the meal significantly healthier. 

Why are crab cakes so popular in the south?

Don’t assume that you need to live in Maryland for some of the best crab cakes. In the south, states like North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia all serve up some of the best. The primary reason that they are popular in these three states is because much like Maryland, blue crab is commercially harvested. Fresh blue crab is available year-round. 

It is not necessary to visit a restaurant to enjoy fresh crab cakes. Blue crabs can be bought by the bushel at a very reasonable cost. Although they are time-consuming to clean, preparing crab cakes at home with fresh crab can be even better than what a restaurant serves up. If your visiting the south and don’t live in an area that sells fresh blue crab, imitation crab cakes can be just as good. 

How are they served?

This dish can be served in a multitude of ways. Typically, a plate of crab cakes would be paired with a seasonal vegetable. However, consider a crab cake sandwich. A crab cake sandwich is ideal for lunch because it is not served in such an elegant manner. Take a trip to the grocery store for fresh rolls, tomato, and lettuce.  

Much like fish and its tarter sauce topping, crab cakes are best paired with a crab cake remoulade. The crab cake sauce recipe can be made at home, just like homemade crab cakes. What type of ingredients are needed for a homemade remoulade sauce?


-Horseradish Mustard

-Garlic Powder

-Onion Powder

Have a bowl of remoulade sauce on the table to allow your guests to spoon some on top of the sandwich or the crab cakes placed on the plate. Making a crab cake sauce recipe is simple. 


Whether you’re headed out to dinner or staying in at a vacation rental or family home in South Carolina, Georgia, or North Carolina, prepare one of the south’s favorite recipes. Blue crab can be cooked in many other ways and is often seasoned with old bay. Another variation is by making an old bay crab cake recipe. To create this variation, sprinkle old bay seasoning into the crab cake mix. Crab cakes are a delicious and simple meal to create. Enjoy them at home or a seafood restaurant in coastal North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia.