Have you ever wondered about where certain fishing reels are made? Sometimes using a fishing reel that is from a certain area may mean that the manufacturing quality is higher. Other times you could just simply be curious about the fishing reel and the journey it has been on to get to you. If you have ever had questions about Shimano reels one of the most popular fishing reels on the market, we have all the answers you will need. 

Where Are Shimano Reels Made? 

The Shimano reel is made in Japan. This is where most of the Shimano premium reels are manufactured. Many of the other high-end reels on the market are also manufactured in Japan. When you purchase your Shimano reels, chances are they are going to be offered from distributors all over the world. The distributors import the products and then sell them to you locally. 

If you register your Shimano reel, you will probably notice that the registration is done through Shimano in Japan. They may have you send your reel for warranty work to a location in the United States, but all of the communication will still go through the Shimano headquarters in Japan. 

Was Shimano Founded In Japan? 

In 1921 the Shimano company was founded in Japan, and that is where they have remained ever since. Shimano has become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of fishing equipment, and that is likely not going to change anytime soon. 

In addition to Shimano fishing reels, the company is well known for the bicycles that they make as well. Shimano has established from the start that they would create high-end products that are built for quality and performance. 

Many owners of the Shimano reel have come to trust the capabilities of this fishing reel. 

Does Shimano Makes Reels In Any Other Countries? 

Sometimes Shimano will make a reel in their other factories in Malaysia and Thailand. However, if you are purchasing a premium reel, you can almost guarantee that it is coming from Japan. Obviously, with the start of the company and the main headquarters being in Japan, the quality control out of this facility is quite impressive and should be considered. 

What Fishing Reels Are Made In The USA? 

Many fishermen are surprised to find that the Shimano reels are made in Japan. Since the Shimano reel is so prevalent in the United States, many assume that it is made in the US. Although the Shimano is not made on United States soil, there are some other options that you can look into if you want a US Made fishing reel. 

As you can imagine, production in the United States is quite a bit higher than it is in other areas across the world. This means that you will have to be prepared to pay a little extra money for things that are manufactured in the US. 

Here are a few of the fishing reels that are made in the USA. 

  • Nautilus
  • Bauer
  • Penn
  • Ross Reels
  • Douglas
  • Abel 

What Other Fishing Reels Are Made In Japan? 

Japan seems to be a popular place for manufacturing all types of sporting goods and equipment. Two other companies that have their headquarters in Japan are Daiwa and Okuma.

Daiwa makes a large variety of reels from baitcasting to fly fishing. If you find you like this manufacturer, you will be able to stick with the Daiwa reels for years to come. 

Okuma reels are made in both Taiwan and Japan. This is a very modern company making various unique looking equipment that will also perform out on the water. 

Are Shimano Fishing Reels Cheaper In Japan? 

You may find that some of the pricing on Shimano reels is quite a bit cheaper in Japan. The problem with this concept is that it will still be difficult to get the reel back to the United States. One way or another getting the reel from Japan to the United States is going to cost you money. 

The Shimano reels are cheaper in Japan because this is where they are manufactured, and you won’t have to pay for any shipping or transportation of the reel. Customs also charge large fees for anything that is going to pass through, including fishing reels. 

When your new reel makes it to a United States distributor, they are going to charge you even more money because they have to make their profit on the product as well. We all know that fishing equipment is expensive regardless of where you are buying it from. 

How Does A Shimano Warranty Work? 

Shimano reels come with a limited lifetime warranty as long as you properly register the product. 

There are, however, a few problems with this that many users are not aware of. The limited warranty is not going to protect against accidents or abuse of the reel. If your friend accidentally runs over your fishing reel with their truck, this is not covered. 

The only things that are covered are nonconformities in the material and issues with the initial workmanship of the product. Essentially if you did not cause something to happen to the reel, yet it is damaged in some way, you will likely be eligible for a warranty. 

Although the Shimano warranty is a nice feature to have, don’t expect it to completely protect your reel for life. You still need to take care of the products that you own. 

Are Shimano Reels Better? 

Shimano reels are some of the most commonly used reels for people that are looking for high-quality fishing reels. There is a lot of junk on the market, and making sure that you purchase something of better quality will give you quite a bit more value in your purchase. 

It is hard to say that Shimano is the best on the market, with companies like Penn out there as well. Without a doubt, the Shimano willwillchallenging be in the top five, more likely the top 3. When you start looking at the best reels out there, some of what it will come down to is a personal preference. 

Choose a reel that works for your individual needs.