Consider our website utilizes the term anchors up. People should understand what it means. You have probably heard both anchor up and weigh anchor, whether in a movie or out on a boat. More than likely, you heard it from a film as they are not widely used in the marine industry these days. Take it from us, we have been it, and neither was said once. What is the difference between anchor up and weigh anchor?

What Is The Definition Of Anchor Up

To define anchor up, it is retrieving the anchor from the body of water by hand or a mechanical system called a windless. 

What Is The Definition Of Weigh Anchor

Weighing anchor is the process of pulling up the anchor from the seafloor when the vessel is ready to embark on a journey.

On What Size Boat Are The Terms Weigh Anchor And Anchors Up Used

Despite the option to use the term on any sized vessel; however, if used, the most common ships include large cargo, freight, or passenger ships.

However, the next time you and your friends are out, whether a 14-foot rowboat or 36-foot cabin cruiser, hollar out either of the terms. Not only will everyone be bewildered as to what you are saying, but they will all get a good laugh. 

Who Makes The Decision To Pull The Anchor

The captain or operator in charge of the vessel is the decision-maker to pull the anchor before getting underway. 

A series of checks before departing include engines, sails, securing loose items when encountering rough seas, safety equipment, and developing a plan on where the vessel will travel. 

The size of the vessel will determine the number of the crew handling tasks on board. Ships operate with multiple crew members, while small yachts or pleasure crafts only utilize one or two people. In situations with a high crew count, designated help will handle the procedures of pulling anchor. 

On ships, weighing anchor or anchor up is a process that requires heavy equipment and training. An electric motor called a windlass pulls the chain and anchor from the seafloor and operates by handheld control. A chain bin is beneath the deck for storage. Training of the Crew is required. Training reduces the risk of injury or damage to the windless or side of the hull. Lastly, the anchor requires locking to prevent it from slipping free during the travel time. 

 On small boats, the anchor is either pulled by a small windless or by hand. When the watercraft is equipped with an electric windless, the helm is often fitted with a control to raise and lower the chain and anchor. 

Is There A Difference Between Weigh Anchor and Anchor Up

Despite having two separate terms, the definitions are the same. Captains and operators use the two interchangeably when calling the command to pull the anchor in preparation for departure. 

The next time you are pulling anchor from the sandbar with friends and family, pick your choice of terms when it is time to head back to the dock for the remainder of the day. 

Now It Is Clear That There Is No Difference

The next time you’re watching a movie with maritime scenes, pay close attention to the terminology. You may hear the command weigh anchor or anchor up, and it is likely the only time you will listen to the words said. With decades of experience in the marine industry, we have never used the term or have been requested to pull anchor with either. However, in the unlikely event, the order is barked, you will know what to do.