While most anglers prefer to be out on the water, many also enjoy watching fishing tv shows. Fishing tv shows are broadcasted on a wide range of networks. They film fishing trips all around the world, from small streams to the open ocean. Much of the enjoyment of watching a tv fishing show is learning both how-to and where. Most of us won’t ever experience fishing in some of the locations that shows are hosted, but the adventure can be exciting to watch for avid fishermen. What type of fishing tv shows should I watch?

Ways to find the best types of fishing tv shows

Step 1. Research

Fishing shows are found in a wide range of networks that are both local and nationwide. The most effective way is to search the internet. 

Television guides can be easily found on the internet to scour through and find the lineup. However, it is much easier to search- fishing tv shows and see what pulls up.

Unfortunately, most fishing shows have been pulled from major networks. Often they are now shown on stations that require an upgraded package. Another option to consider is viewing fishing shows on websites like YouTube. 

Step 2. Determining what you like

Let’s face it; not every show will be appealing. Narrow down what is most interesting to you. Some anglers only care to learn and therefore watch if it pertains to something local because they can utilize the techniques.

Many fishermen will watch any show because they enjoy the battle between the angler and the fish and become educated on fish in other parts of the world. 

Most prefer to see the bend of the rod and the suspense of what species, the size, and weight, of the fish, tugging at the end of the rod. 

Step 3. Watching or recording

When it comes to deciding whether to watch as it airs or recording the show can be difficult. The televised show can air at inconvenient times, such as early in the morning or during the workday. 

With today’s technology, it is easy to record at the push of a button. Rather than adjusting your schedule, record if or a more convenient time. 

What type of fishing are most common in shows?

Many shows feature bass fishing all around the United States. Bass can be found nationwide, so the shows draw better ratings with such a large audience. Also, the gear and tackle used to catch bass are almost universal. Bass can be caught with the same rod and lure in California as it can in New York.

The second most frequent is offshore fishing in the oceans or the Gulf of Mexico. Let’s face it; most anglers don’t have the right boat or expensive fishing gear to make these runs in search of large ocean species. 

Why would someone want to watch a show rather than be out fishing?

Fishing has an offseason in many parts of the United States. While yes, you can get out in snowy weather, most prefer to stay in the comfort of a warm home.

During the cold months or on rainy days when the gear is packed but conditions don’t call for heading out, sitting back for a show can provide some thrill rather than pure disappointment. To say it simply, getting out fishing is better but not always an option. 

Conclusion- What type of fishing tv show should I watch?

Every angler is unique, but we all share the same desire, to feel the fight at the end of the line. When it comes to picking shows, some may be more apt to enjoy a fly fishing experience in a small creek, while others may prefer a 90 mile run to the gulf stream for pelagics. Others will appreciate all and above. When it comes to what type of fishing tv show to watch, the answer is up to you.