Boating lingo can be hard to follow. Confusion can set in when someone instructs you to move to one area of the boat or another. Not everyone is familiar with boating terminology. Because of all of the different names of sections of a vessel, it is essential to know what area is what. Just what is the transom of a boat?

What Is The Area Of The Boat That Is Called The Stern

The area of the boat that is called the stern or transom is the back end near the motor. Often, the boat’s engine is attached directly to the stern if it is an outboard. The location of an inboard may also be beneath the deck of the stern.

The stern often offers comfort for passengers. The quality of ride and the ability to sit and stay dry are just some of the benefits. Some crafts will have a swim platform or transom-mounted behind the stern of the boat, but often the stern is the most aft part of the vessel.

Can You Fish Off The Stern Of A Boat

Most fishermen prefer to cast or place trolling reels at the stern of a boat. Rod holders are frequently placed near the back in the gunnels to keep the lines clear of the engine when the boat is being propelled forward. Still, fishing is also best from the back because it is easier to lift a fish into the boat from the back, where it is closer to the waterline.

Does The Stern Of A Boat Have Seating

The stern of a boat offers some of the best seating options on most crafts. Because it is located at the rear, the ride is generally more smooth because you avoid the motion of the bow bouncing over waves.

Beyond motion, many vessels are equipped with wrap-around seating for a luxurious couch-like sectional. Many times the wrap-around seating can be converted into a dining area with a table. An even better seating option is a lounging pad to layout and catch the sun’s rays.

Can The Boat’s Stern Provide Shade

Often we simply need a break from the sun. The bow or forward section will always have complete sun exposer on nearly every vessel because no overhead covering is available. Fortunately, the stern of a craft will often be shaded.

Large vessels may have a completely enclosed stern section. Smaller crafts such as cruisers or center consoles offer a T-top or bimini top for overhead sun protection. Having the option to escape the harmful rays is always beneficial. Passengers can move in and out of the sun as they please.

Does The Stern Of A Boat Provide Additional Safety To Its Occupants

Caution must be taken at all times and all places when boating. Generally speaking, the stern can be a more safe option for seating. The bow of a craft is more exposed to the elements, and as a result, you can help avoid water spray, being soaked from waves crashing over the bow, and reduce the likelihood of bouncing out of your seat.  

The stern of a boat offers a better enclosure to keep its occupants secure in the event of rough water and high winds. This area of the vessel is a particularly good option for small children.

Now It Is Time To Enjoy The Transom Section Of A Boat

The stern of a boat is highly versatile and can be used for many different things. Whether you’re fishing, lounging, sightseeing, or just trying to get from point A to point B, utilize the space in the back of the vessel. For the utmost comfort and safety when the craft is in operation, use the stern of the boat.