Many people fail to realize it, but some of the best fishing opportunities are situated in the backyard. Ponds are constructed through the southern states like Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina with a purpose in mind beyond fishing. However, although they may not be intended for pleasure fishing, it is what they become. What is pond fishing?

Why Do Neighborhoods Have Ponds

When you drive through newly constructed neighborhoods, they most often have ponds. The ponds are put in place to help control runoff in heavy rains and reduce erosion. When heavy rains fall, the water is diverted into ponds strategically placed in neighborhoods. 

Some developments may only have a single pond, while others can have a dozen or more. The number of ponds is highly dependent on the acreage of the subdivision. However, you won’t have a problem finding neighborhood ponds near me in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Will Ponds Have Fish In Them

Many people ask the question, do all ponds have fish? Yes, manufactured ponds will have fish but the answer is with a catch. The pond must be stocked to hold a consistent number of fish for angling purposes.

As far as planning is concerned, when a housing construction plan is laid out, the ponds are dug allowed to fill. Water testing will be completed to ensure the water levels are safe for sustaining life. At this point, fish will be stocked in the pond. 

Stocking isn’t as simple as adding any fish of choice. The population of species must be well balanced to provide food sources for prey and predator fish. Fish farms guide developers on proper pond management stocking tactics. 

What Kind Of Fish Are In Neighborhood Ponds 

In the southern states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, the most commonly stocked fish include bullhead catfish, largemouth bass, sunfish, crappie, carp, and shad. As a result, the balance of these varieties will allow game fish like largemouth bass to grow large and provide excellent opportunities for anglers. 

Pond stocking in South Carolina will be nearly the same as in Georgia and North Carolina in terms of the variety of species.

What Do You Use For Pond Fishing

One of the best pond fishing tips is that you don’t need expensive fishing equipment to catch fish. Lightweight rods and reels will be all that is necessary to reel in your catch. Visit a local sporting goods store for a rod and reel combination.

While you are at the store, pick up a pair of fishing pliers and gloves to help you safely remove the hook from a fish that has been caught. A tackle box can come in handy to keep everything in place for transporting to and from the fishing ponds. 

What Is The Best Bait For Pond Fishing

When it comes to the best bait for pond fishing, it is highly dependent on the type of fish you are trying to catch. The bait can vary between living and artificial.

Some of the best live pond fishing bait include nightcrawler worms for catfish, panfish, or bass and live shiners for largemouth bass. To find a bait store, search the internet for bait shop near me. 

Artificials can be equally as effective in public ponds and private ponds. Small jigs are ideal for sunfish and crappie, crankbaits and soft plastic worms for bass, and scented soft plastic baits on the bottom for catfish. 

How Do You Fish In A Small Pond

Fishing in a small pond is simple, especially when you have access to walk around the entire body of water. 

Look in the water for weedy areas, tree stumps, branches creating shaded areas, rocks, or other debris because it provides habitat for bait-sized fish, thus attracting larger fish. 

Cast the lure or bait in the vicinity but not close enough to snag it with your line. If you are casting a lure, work the lure with the proper motion and recast. However, with live baits, allow them to sit while waiting for a strike. 

It’s Time To Head Out Pond Fishing Around Your Neighborhood

Avoid venturing off to a big lake or purchasing a boat. Backyard ponds can hold fish that exceed five pounds. Many people ask can you fish in neighborhood ponds? Unless the community is gated, yes, you can fish in neighborhood ponds as an outsider. If the community is gated you will require permission to enter. As a result, a significant amount of money can be saved. Fishing gear for pond fishing is low in cost. Most important its the perfect way to teach young children to become active in the sport of fishing neighborhood ponds.