One of the fastest fish in the ocean is the ono fish. Anglers target Ono fish off of the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. The species is known for superb game qualities when hooked and its delicious flavor when filleted and served. While the name ono is used in the Pacific, the term wahoo is specific to the east coast of the United States. What is ono fish: learn what you need to know. 

What Kind Of Fish Is An Ono

The ono fish is a member of the Scombridae family. The Scombridae includes tunas and mackerels. The most notable relatives are the king mackerel, spanish mackerel, bonito, and more. 

How Do You Identify Ono Fish

The hoo short for wahoo is easily identified. When it comes to markings, look for these specific features. 

Hoo’s contain a mouth full of serrated teeth formed in rows, unlike the teeth of barracuda, which are scattered. 

Look closely at the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin is long and is snug to the body of the fish. Beneath the upper fins are 24 to thirty dark blue bars. The bars run vertically from the top of the fish to the midline or below. 

When it comes to the coloration of the long and slender fish, the belly section of the ono is white, with silver beneath the blue stripes. Lastly, to top from the head to tail is greenish-blue. 

Where Can You Catch Ono Fish

The hoo is widely distributed across the world. Anglers catch wahoo in tropical and subtropical waters. 

The range of the fish extends in the Caribbean, Gulf Of Mexico, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean. 

Along the east coast of the United States, mainly through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, anglers catch ono in the warm gulf stream waters. 

Does Wahoo Make Good Sushi

Wahoo, otherwise known as ono, makes excellent sushi, sashimi, and poke. Here is the difference between the three. 

Wahoo Sushi And Sashimi

Cut the freshly caught or purchased sushi grade wahoo fillets into thin slices with a razor-sharp knife. 

When forming sushi from ono slices, lay the raw wahoo over a bed of sticky rice. On the other hand, sashimi is served without rice. Simply place the sliced fish on a plate to be eaten independently of rice. 

Both sushi and sashimi are paired with a side of soy sauce and wasabi. The flavor of the two combines well with raw ono. 

Wahoo Poke Bowls

The third form of eating raw ono is by creating poke bowls. Rather than cutting the fillets into slices, prepare by creating cubes.

Once the cubes are cut, marinate the fillets in green onion, sesame oil, soy sauce, lime juice, red pepper flakes, salt, and olive oil. Allow the mixture to chill in the fridge for one hour. 

Once the wahoo poke has marinated for one hour, serve over sushi rice or straight from a bowl without rice. 

Is Ono A Good Fish To Eat When Cooked

People who visit restaurants often ask what is ono fish when it is found on the menu. Despite their unfamiliarity with the fish, it is notorious for making excellent table fare, both raw and prepared. 

When wahoo is cooked, the thick fillets produce large white flakes. In regards to taste and texture, the flavor is sweet, mild, and firm. 

It is essential to understand that ono fillets are lean. As a result, when prepared at home, avoid overcooking the flesh as it will become dry at a rapid rate. The best methods of cooking include grilling or broiling. 

Is Ono Fish High In Mercury

When it comes to mercury levels contained in wahoo’s flesh, ono lies in the middle of the road. The fish with the highest mercury levels include swordfish, marlin, shark, orange roughy, bluefin tuna, and more. 

The fish with the lowest levels of mercury include flounder, whiting, salmon, haddock, black sea bass, and more. 

Despite the delicious taste of wahoo fillets, limit the monthly intake to avoid overconsumption of harmful mercury. 

Can Ono Fish Be Purchased At Seafood Markets

For those who did not have the trolling equipment or boat to make long runs to the offshore waters of North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia, the fillets of wahoo are available for purchase in seafood markets. 

Ono is found in grocery stores, fish markets, and online. Call the seafood department or local fish market before heading to the store when specifically looking for wahoo. 

To shop online, check out Honolulu Fish Company. Honolulu Fish Company delivers fresh wahoo straight to your front door. 

Keep in mind that fresh ono is high in cost. The high prices are a result of the challenges faced by commercial fishermen. Hoo’s tend to pair in small groups, thus making it challenging to catch a large quantity of wahoo in a single trip. 

What Is Ono Now You Know

Whether you call it a wahoo, ono, or hoo, they are all one fish. Not only are wahoo excellent fighters, but they make superb table fare, both cooked and raw. Head offshore fishing for ono or visit the local seafood market for a taste. Now you can share with your friends and family what is ono.