When you venture off to Allatoona Lake from Atlanta, Georgia, it is hard to imagine the profound change of scenery. The lake is tucked away in a mountain setting with little to no development along the shores. As a result, the tranquil environment will be a peaceful escape from the daily routine. What is Allatoona Lake?

Can You Live On Lake Allatoona

Purchasing a house to live on the shores of the lake is possible. However, most of the land along Allatoona Lake remains undeveloped. While some neighborhood developments have been built, such as Village At Waterside, many homes are utilized seasonally.

Atlanta is just a 30-minute drive to the shores of the lake. The seasonality is primarily because Atlanta residents purchase lakefront homes to escape city life during prime boating seasons. Additionally, the tree-lined mountains offer amazing colors when fall hits the region. 

What Is Under Lake Allatoona

During the 1800’s Etowah was a bustling village. During the civil war, the town was destroyed but was never reconstructed. Remnants of the town remain near the base of the damn deep below the water’s surface. 

Can You Swim In Lake Allatoona

The lake is excellent for swimming. Owning a boat is not necessary to swim in the cool mountain waters. Red Top Mountain State Park offers beach access. The white sand beach is nestled in a cove. As a result, the water is calm.

For boaters, head out on the lake to enjoy water skiing or tubing. Owning a vessel is not required. There are numerous boat rental companies. An even better option is to cruise off to a secluded bay along the 270 miles of shoreline and float around on a noodle. 

Are There Alligators In Lake Allatoona

Fortunately, swimmers do not have to worry about the presence of alligators in the lake’s waters. Lake Allatoona is above the fall line. A fall line is where elevation changes rapidly, and as a result, alligators cannot travel past these points. 

What Kind Of Fish Are In The Lake

Fishermen have the opportunity to catch a significant number of fish species. Lake Allatoona has large populations of flathead catfish, channel catfish, largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, sunfish, bluegill, and hybrid striped bass. Remember that some fish are easier to catch based on the season

How Do You Striper Fish In Lake Allatoona

Striped bass are aggressive feeders that put up an impressive battle. To catch striped bass in Allatoona Lake, use these two methods. 

Live baits, when appropriately presented, most closely match the way striped bass feed. Rig a live shad or shiner under a float around shallow structures or on the bottom where it is rocky or lined with rip rap. 

Anglers can also troll for striped bass. Keep in mind that you need to find structure. Troll the lures near submerged objects where the bass seek shelter and hunt for food. 

How Do You Fish In Lake Allatoona

Fish are caught in a variety of ways on Lake Allatoona. Keep in mind that different species bite different baits depending on what you prefer to hook.


Small panfish like sunfish and crappie prefer jigs. Keep in mind the hook, and the bait needs to be small in size. Tip the jigs with soft plastic baits like paddle tails, worms, or crickets. 

Largemouth Bass

One of the most notable fish is the largemouth bass. Keep an eye out for structures such as rocks, docks, weeds, or trees. Take your rod and cast in these areas with minnow lures or artificial worms. 


The catfish varieties are creatures of the bottom. Tie on a weight heavy enough to reach the bottom in muddy or soft areas of the lake’s floor. Catfish are attracted by scent, so a cut piece of fish such as a shad or shiner will lead to more bites. 

Check Out Lake Allatoona in Northern Georgia

Whether you are coming in from near or far, Lake Allatoona is worth the drive. When you plan a trip to stay, looking into camping at Red Top Mountain State Park or renting a vacation property home from Airbnb or VRBO. Fortunately, some homes include a boat during the stay; however, if they don’t get into a rental from a local marina. Consider a large house that the entire family can enjoy.