Boats can provide endless fun when you are out on the water fishing, cruising, and participating in water sports. Many move from the cold winter climates of the northeast down to Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina for the extended summers. Boating in these states is possible year-round because of the mild winters. Boat transport can come in handy when moving. What is boat transport?

What Is Boat Transport Used For

As if moving isn’t hard enough, add a boat in the mix. While towing the craft from your old home to your new home is an option, it can become a burden.  Consider all of the other belongings that are going along with you.

Delivery services are available to either tow your boat on the trailer, load it on a boat carrier, or via a ship. These companies handle moving the vessel from point A to point B.

Many different options are available when it comes to boat delivery. Here are four different ways a boat can be transported.

Via The Trailer

Transport companies will utilize a tow vehicle and driver to move a craft that is on a trailer. The truck will connect to the boat trailer, and it will be delivered to the destination of your choice. This is the most cost-effective method.

Delivery Captain

For vessels that are too large to be towed on a highway, the craft can be operated by a delivery captain. Delivery captains are certified by the United States Coast Guard. A captain and crew will drive the boat by sea to its new port.

Boat Hauler

A boat hauler is just like a car hauler seen on the highway daily. Haulers can often take more than one craft at a time. Keep in mind that the process may take longer because of additional stops the truck has to make along the way.

Shipping Vessel

Instead of having a captain run the boat, it can be loaded on the deck of a ship. Cranes will lift the boat onto the deck, where it will be secured for rough seas. This type of transport is usually intended for moves to islands or other countries.

How Are Large Boats Transported

Vessels over forty feet in length are most often transported by a captain at sea or a ship. As a result of the height and width, the craft exceeds the size allowable on highways.

How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Boat

The most cost-effective way to transport a boat is by trailer. Long-distance deliveries can exceed $3,000, while short-range trips can vary between $500 and $1,000. Shop around to find the best rates.

How Much Does It Cost Per Mile To Transport A Boat

The cost per mile on boat delivery is dependent on the length of the vessel. Vessels that are longer cost more money per mile. Generally speaking, the fee is between $2.75 per mile and $4.00 per mile. When gas prices spike, additional fees may be added the cover the expense.

How Do You Find Boat Transport Companies

The best resource for finding a transport company is the internet. Search boat transport and read through the options available. Marinas and boat dealers are also a good resource. Both marinas and boat dealers ship boat’s regularly.

So It’s Time To Transport Your Boat

One option is to trailer the boat with the move. The best option is to hire a boat transport company. Whether you’re moving or heading to the south seasonally, avoid the headache of dealing with the hassle. Remember to shop prices to avoid overpaying. Keep in mind that underpaying can lead to unexpected issues that could have been avoided when choosing a reputable company.