Those that are serious about their fishing know that there is quite a bit to the process. You can’t always depend on your lucky fishing spot or that tip from a friend. Sometimes it takes years of knowledge, research, and wisdom to get good at fishing. Have you wondered if a fishing almanac might be a good resource for you to get fishing tips and tricks? Chances are you will benefit from some of the information offered in the almanac, especially for things like when to fish. Let’s take a deeper look into the fisherman almanac and all that it can offer. 

What Is A Fishermans Almanac? 

A fisherman almanac is really a part of the farmers’ almanac, where the best times for fishing are recorded and shared with the readers. The Farmers Almanac has long been a resource for dealing with anything to do with gardening, nature, and the great outdoors. 

The farmer Alamanc offers a fishing calendar that is based on the phase of the moon. The moon, combined with local conditions, tides, and weather, can have major impacts on your fishing experience. If you are looking to understand the sport of fishing to a great level, it is worth investing in a fishing Almanac. 

Although you will need to purchase one of these each year to stay on top of the latest information, you will find that it offers quite a bit of important resources for home and garden use. 

Best Fishinerman Almanac’s 

The Farmers Almanac is typically the most popular fishing almanac; however, there are some authors that have put together a fishing-specific almanac.

2022 Farmer Almanac

The Farmers’ Almanac for 2022 happens to be the best fisherman’s almanac on the market. You will get so many secrets, do-it-yourself tips, and plenty of weather forecasting to set up your fishing days well ahead of time. Start to plan out your year and get those fishing trips booked at exactly the right time.

  • Impressive fishing tips
  • Easy to read forman
  • Plans for the entire year
  • Has been on the market for hundreds of years

Sports Afield Fishing Almanac

The Sports Afield Fishing Almanac has been out of print for quite a few years. However, this often means that you can get a great deal on a used one. Purchasing something like this and reading through the old tips and tricks will certainly help make you more prepared for any of your fishing adventures.

  • Was well respected for many years
  • One of the only options specifically produced for fishing
  • Can get a great deal on a used one

2021 Americas Original Almanac Calendar

If you don’t have time to sit down and read through an Alamanac, the Almanac Calendar for fishing could be a better solution. The calendar is very simple to read, and you can look at the day of the week and determine exactly what the fishing reports are for that day. This is a clear way to look at the specifics of the day and decide if it is worth your time to head out and fish.

  • Easy format to view
  • Sun rise and sunset
  • Weather patterns

The Old Farmers Almanac 2021

The Old Farmers Almanac is a great resource for weather forecasts and fishing almanac information. Some people like the style of the Old Farmers Almanac a bit better and find it to be more funny and entertaining to read. Overall the Old Farmers Almanac is bound to give you a few tips and tricks to make your days fishing all that much more entertaining and enjoyable.

  • Trusted resource for many years
  • Has some humor built in
  • Reliable weather forecasts to read through

Casts and Characters A Bass Fishing Alamanac

Although we can’t quite say that this is a true almanac, the Casts and Characters is a great book to look into for a bass fishing enthusiast. Don’t expect this one to get updated each year, but if you want some advice on how to get more bass in the boat, check out this fishing almanac for bass.

  • Specifically about bass
  • More of a guides and tips kind of book
  • Great for a quick and enjoyable read

Frequently Asked Questions

You will have to purchase a fishing almanac or farmer’s almanac to get all of the latest and greatest information for 2021; however, here are a few of the things that will typically stand out when reading the almanac. Remember that these can also be called a fisherman almanac in addition to a fishing almanac. Either product will help keep the serious fisherman in your family quite happy with the results that they can get.

What is the best time to go fishing today?

The best time of the day to fish tends to be the early morning or just at sunset. The problem with heading out to fish on your lunch hour is that the water temperature starts to heat up, and the fish will swim deeper to get into the cooler water. 

What month is the best month to fish?

Depending on where you live, the best month to fish will vary considerably. However, for the most part, the best times are typically the fall and the spring. Avoiding the times of the year when the water temperatures are at their extremes will help you have a bit more luck during your fishing trip. 

How do you know if it’s a good day for fishing?

Experience fishermen and fisherwomen know that checking weather patterns and tides and trends is the best way to know if fishing is going to be a good experience that day. The fishing almanac that we have listed above will also help you with your fishing experience. 

Is Full Moon good for fishing?

Typically speaking, the full moon is not good for fishing. As most experienced fishermen know, the relationship between the moon and the tides is strong, and the tides brought on by the full moon mean that fishing won’t be nearly as good for a few days. 

Does The Fisherman Almanac Work?

The fishing almanac will give you information about weather and tide patterns that can help you become more successful. There is no way to predict with 100% accuracy that you will have a good day fishing or a bad one. All an angler can do is properly assess the weather conditions, tide, moon position, bait, lures, and depth of the weather. Paying attention to these factors can change the way your day out on the water finishes up.


Hopefully, you now feel as though you can choose the best fishing almanac on the market. There are not too many choices out there; the most important thing is that you get the information you need. The best is the 2021 Farmers Almanac because you will be able to use it for a variety of purposes around both your home and garden. This is something that makes sense to purchase each year.