One of the fastest and effective methods for drying a watercraft is by using a chamois mop. The absorbent device comes in two forms. The first is a hand chamois, and the second is a pole chamois which connects to the end of a metal or plastic stick to which it secures. Chamois are readily available at marine stores and are highly useful. We recommend storing a few onboard to make quick work of cleaning boats. Here is what you need to know about what is a chamois mop.  

How Do You Prepare A New Chamois

When asked what is a chamois mop the purpose of a chamois mop is to absorb water from the surface of a boat. This is why it is important after purchasing a new chamois, to prepare it before use. Super-absorbent PolyVinyl Alcohol absorbs water at a highly efficient rate. 

Hand chamois comes in a plastic container fitted with a top. Utilize the storage container when the chamois is not in use. Pole chamois do not come with a storage device. Lay the chamois flat in drawers or other onboard hatches. 

A newly purchased chamois must be prepared. The PolyVinyl Alcohol cloth contains dyes that bleed when first opened and placed in the water. 

To prepare the chamois, remove it from the packaging and fill a bucket with warm water. 

Place the mop in the bucket and squeeze aggressively in all areas of the chamois. Empty the water and repeat the process until the water runs clear after all of the dye has been removed. 

Now the boat mop is ready to dry vessels and watercraft. 

How Does A Chamois Work

The synthetic rubber is designed to absorb substantial amounts of water in a single sweep across the surface of a boat or car. 

Once the chamois becomes full, ring the water out by squeezing it forcefully. Repeat the process each time the chamois becomes saturated. Chamois comes come in two forms one as a hand chamois and the second as a chamois on a pole.

When ringing out the chamois mops, avoid dropping it onto the ground. Small pebbles become easily attached and cause scratches in the paint. When a chamois is dropped, thoroughly inspect it before using it again. 

How Do You Clean A Chamois Mop

A chamois mop is washing machine safe. After each use, place the hand chamois in the washing machine. Don’t worry about including it with items of clothes. The two are capable of being combined. 

Poll chamois are constructed with a rugged metal connecting which slides into the shaft. Construct a cover to avoid damaging the washing machine.

The chamois cover consists of a PVC pipe and a PVC Cap. Glue the cap on the top and drill a hole through the pipe, allowing the chamois’s shaft to slide and clip into place. The drilled hole secures the PVC, so it does not come free during the washing process. 

Never place chamois in the dryer. Mops must be air-dried, or else they become as stiff as a rock. When accidentally put in the dryer, soak the chamois in water until it becomes soft. 

What Are The Best Hand Chamois And Pole Chamois

We have used chamois on a repeated basis. Shurhold manufactures the best mops on the market. Here is a breakdown of the styles of a boat shammy mop.

Hand Chamois

The Shurhold hand chamois is made of high-quality materials which are constructed to last for years on end. 

Pole Chamois

When it comes to the best chamois mop pick up a Shurhold Soft N Thirsty to attach to the end of your Shurhold pole. These mops will prevent water spots from forming. A shammy on a pole makes it easy to dry hard to reach places.

Use A Chamois The Next Time You Dry Your Boat

Rather than using old towels that become saturated in water, purchase a chamois mop to dry your vessel. Chamois dry more than just boats they are used for cars, other motor vehicles, and window washing. After a day of fishing in salt or freshwater, thoroughly rinse the rods and reels to remove the accumulation of salt and dry after to avoid water spots. The prices are fair, and the product will last for years on end when properly cared for.