Fishing rods are a fundamental tool in catching fish through the Southeast, including Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Handle rods carefully to avoid becoming broken and maintain to preserve longevity. One of the most effective ways to protect a fishing rod is by applying wax. Here are 6 things to know about waxing fishing rods. 

Why Should You Maintain Fishing Rods

A fishing rod is a delicate piece of equipment that provides anglers the ability to fight and land fish. While other fishing methods are common, rod and reel angling is the most common by recreational fisherman. 

Fishing equipment does not come cheap, no matter what you purchase. Don’t buy gear only to allow it to deteriorate or mistreat it and allow it to become useless. 

We have utilized the same fishing rods for over 20 years, and they still appear as if they are fresh off the shelf of the store. The appearance and functionality is preserved when properly maintaining fishing rods. Like any piece of equipment, the better you care for it, the longer it lasts. 

How Do You Clean Fishing Rods Before Waxing

Whether you are waxing a fishing rod or not, rods must be washed after every use, no matter if it is fresh or saltwater fishing. 

Anglers fishing from a boat make the process of cleaning rods and reels easier because they are already equipped with a bucket of soapy water after the fishing trip. On the other hand, Shore anglers must return home and make an effort to mix soap and water and clean the rods. 

When it comes to waxing fishing rods, clean the piece of equipment before application. Here are the steps to cleaning fishing rods before waxing.

Gather The Supplies

Collect the materials needed to clean the fishing rods, including boat soap, a bucket, freshwater hose, a washing rag, and chamois mop. 

Prepare The Soap Bucket

Place the appropriate amount of soap required for a one-gallon mixture into the bucket before adding a gallon of water. 

Wet The Rods

Rinse the fishing rods with the hose, as you should never apply soapy water to dry fishing combinations. 

Wash The Rods

Gently wash the fishing rods from top to bottom but use caution to avoid damaging the delicate eyes. 

Rinse The Rods

Once the rods are thoroughly washed, rinse away the soap to prevent the soap from becoming dry on the combinations. 

Dry The Fishing Rods

After washing and rinsing is complete, use the chamois mop to dry the fishing rods in their entirety. 

What Is The Importance Of Waxing Fishing Rods

There are many reasons why fishing rods require a coating of wax. Here are the primary reasons. 

The first is and most important it to prevent the accumulation of hard-to-remove water spots. Water spots form in failing to or improperly drying rods after use. 

Secondly is to protect against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The sun deteriorates the fragile coating and causes fading. 

Lastly, fishing means messy business. Rods and reels quickly become coated in fish blood and guts and become stubborn to remove. A fresh coat of wax prevents fish guts and blood from gluing on the fishing combination. 

How Do You Apply Wax To Fishing Rods

Applying wax is a simple process and is done quickly when adequately prepared. Before you start, wash and dry the rods and reels before waxing.

Collect two soft terry cloths and apply wet wax to one of the two. Gently apply the wax from the tip of the rod to the start of the handle. Allow the wax to dry, which occurs rapidly in the hot sun. The freshly applied coating will appear white and chalky when dry.

Wipe the dried wax from the fishing rod with the other terry cloth. Ensure to remove all of the dried coating to prevent leaving behind white streaks. 

How Often Should You Wax Fishing Rods

The frequency of use highly impacts the number of waxings. When the rods and reels are used weekly, the waxing intervals become shorter.

Frequent use is defined by fishing one or more times per week. Moderate use is every other week. Lastly, light use is used at most one time per month. See the waxing intervals below.

Heavy Use

With heavy use comes more frequent washing, which strips wax more rapidly. We recommend applying wax one time per month.

Moderate Use

The vast majority of anglers fall under the moderate use category. When using fishing rods moderately, apply wax every three to six months. 

Light Use.

Light use means those rods and reels rarely exit the garage or other place of storage. Due to the infrequency of use, the rods require waxing once annually. 

What Is The Best Fishing Rod Wax

When selecting wax, it is essential to pick a high-quality product to maximize the protection and length of durability. 

We recommend Collinite 925 Fiberglass Boat Wax. Yes, we understand it’s for fiberglass boats but have used this product frequently on fishing rods. The applicant and removal process is straightforward, and it provides a deep shine and lasting layer of protection. 

Waxing Fishing Rods Is Easy When Knowing These 6 Tips

We recommend waxing fishing rods rather than allowing your gear to fall into disrepair. Avoid spending hard-earned money on expensive fishing gear only to let it deteriorate. The process is simple and must be done consistently. Besides, waxed rods are easier to clean after a day of fishing compared to unwaxed rods.