The name of the island is highly dependent on who you ask. Some locals refer to the barrier island as Waites, while others say Waties. No matter the name, the uninhabited island is worth the visit. The piece of land is easily accessible from both the southern portions of North Carolina and the northern coastal parts of South Carolina. Here is what you need to know about visiting Waties Island, South Carolina. 

Who Owns Waties Island

Coastal Carolina University owns and manages the land. Coastal Carolina University utilizes the barrier island to research plant and animal life that inhabit the land and waters. 

Island research is performed on a regular basis by students and scientists. The research performed protects our natural resources for generations to come.

Where Is Waties Island Located

Waties Island is located in coastal South Carolina on the state line just south of the North Carolina border.

Myrtle Beach is one hour south of Waties Island. Due to its proximity to the popular tourist destination, the barrier island presents the opportunity to explore nature native to the state’s coastal region.  

How Long Is Waties Island

At over 1,000 acres, the sprawling barrier island provides opportunities to experience land remaining in its natural state.  

The island consists of maritime forests, marshlands, and beaches. The island habitat is home to fox, deer, sea turtles, sea birds, and rodents. 

How Do You Get To Waties Island

Waties Island South Carolina, is not accessible by car. The only means of entering the island is by private boat, kayak, or paddleboard. 

Great Escapes Kayak Expeditions offer kayak and paddleboard tours to Waties Island. All adventures depart from Cherry Grove Beach. The staff plans the paddle excursion according to tides. Staff plans the trip according to tides. The goal is to reduce the strain of paddling to and from the island. On the trip, keep an eye out for bottlenose dolphins. 

Once the kayak or paddleboard tour has arrived on the island, the guides educate the tour group on plants and animals that inhabit the land in addition to its long-dated history. 

The Waties Island tour lasts for 3 hours. Depending on the size of your party, single and double-seat kayaks are available for rent. Tip the employees. Rental fees do not include tips. Make sure to take care of the helpful staff. 

What Type Of History Is Found On Waites Island

The island was home to the tribe of Waccamaw Indians. To this day, artifacts dating back to the island’s previous residents are distributed throughout the land. 

While venturing the island by foot, you are likely to come across burial grounds and occasionally stumble upon artifacts and ceramics. 

What Is There To Do On Waties Island

In addition to historical landmarks, the primary purpose of the land designation is preservation. The opportunities are strictly nature based.

Waties Island is ideal for escaping the Myrtle Beach hustle and bustle. Endless entertainment is available both day and night in Myrtle Beach. Additionally, the coastline in that area is entirely developed, leaving little opportunity to catch a glimpse of local wildlife. 

Pack your walking shoes, sunscreen, bathing suit, towel, hydrating drinks, and snacks while you meander on the shell-filled beach or treelined paths. The island is excellent for shelling, mainly when the tide is low. 

Are You Ready To Venture Off To Waties Island South Carolina

Whether you call it Waties or Waites, the barrier island is a must-see when visiting southern North Carolina or Northern South Carolina. The undeveloped land gives us all a reminder of what our coastline once was long before settling the shores. Enjoy the picturesque views, wildlife, and pristine beaches.