Fourth in line of the state’s largest islands is Sapelo Island in Georgia. Sapelo remains uninhabited, except for the nearly 70 residents who call the island home. The lack of residents is mostly because the only access is via a ferry or personally owned craft. Sapelo Island has a long-standing history that will be shared with you if you take any of the offered tours. The island is majestic because it is well preserved from development. The coastal views, maritime forests, and historic communities set it apart and allow you to step back in time. What is to be seen and done on a trip to Sapelo Island?

How Do You Get To Sapelo Island? 

The island is easily accessible by ferry. A ferry dock that makes daily trips to Sapelo is located in Darien, Georgia. 

Plenty of free parking is available, so don’t worry about space or shell out extra money. The ferry is located at 1766 Landing Road, SE Darien, Georgia.

How much do round trip tickets cost to travel to the island, and where can they be purchased?

Adults between 13 and up cost $13.00

Children who range between 6 and 12 years old are $10.00

All kids five and under can make the journey at no cost. 

The trip from the mainland to the island is thirty minutes in duration. Keep an eye out for dolphin as transit the waters. 

What to do Sapelo Island, GA?

Encounter the wildlife

For the nature lover, the island is packed with wildlife. You can meander about the island by foot and bike, and along the way, you will engage with nature. 

The most commonly seen animals are white-tailed deer, feral hogs, armadillo, possums, wild turkeys, a vast range of resident and migratory birds, alligators, otters, sea turtles, crabs, and more. You are likely to see many of these species in one trip.

Explore the Islands beaches

The most popular beach on the island is Nanny Goat Beach. Situated on the southern portion of Sapelo, the beach extends for two miles along the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can find seashells, sand dollars, and most importantly, enjoy the most natural beach setting around because it is left undeveloped. 

Climb the Sapelo Island Lighthouse

Make the journey up the 77 step white and red striped lighthouse for some of the most spectacular coastal views. Initially constructed in 1820 and now under the control of both the State of Georgia and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration as of 1991. The lighthouse was restored in 1998 for tourists to enjoy. 

The Reynolds Mansion

This historic mansion was built in 1810 and still stands today despite being significantly damaged in the civil war. If seeing it is not impressive enough, guests can pay for nightly stays to enjoy all that the mansion has to offer. The nightly price ranges from 175-225 dollars per person plus tax. This cost also includes meals and likely a taste of the south with a low-country boil. Alcohol is not provided but can be brought along with you. A minimum of 16 people and two-plus nights are required to reserve the mansion. To book your group’s stay, call 912-485-2299.

Camping on Sapelo Island

If you’re into being more up close and personal with nature, book a group campsite. The Cabretta Pioneer Campground is situated just steps from the beach and is well shaded. A minimum of 15 people with a maximum of twenty can be accommodated. 

No matter if you’re coming for the day or planning a stay for a few nights, Sapelo Island, Georgia, is a must-see. The pure natural beauty will leave you amazed. Not often do you find coastal shorelines that have escaped development. Interact with nature while dipping your toes in the sand, hearing nothing but birds and the sea. Sapelo Island is a great way to escape and relax.