Purchasing used fishing equipment is simple when utilizing the proper resources. Avoid spending top dollar on new equipment rather than buying lightly used gear. There are numerous avenues to locate rods, reels, lures, and fishing accessories both on the internet or locally. Sellers don’t hesitate to package up equipment and ship it across the country. When considering used fishing equipment for sale, check out these avenues. 

Used Fishing Equipment For Sale (Where To Look)

There are numerous resources available to locate used fishing gear. The majority are via the internet. Used fishing gear is found locally or shipped across the country. 

Garage Sales

Garage sales are a sneaky way to find high-quality gear. Despite most yard sales offering junk, anglers stumble across top-notch equipment at rock bottom prices from time to time.

When a good deal is sitting before you, don’t delay. Complete the purchase. More times than not, yard sale participants do not understand actual value. 


Facebook, by far, is the best online resource. Used fishing gear is found both locally and across the nation. 

The Facebook Marketplace makes tackle searching simple by pulling a list of gear that suits the search term. Should shipping not be offered, don’t hesitate to ask the seller for an exception. 

Tackle Stores

Local tackle stores feature a limited selection of used rods and reels. However, the prices are generally high, and the shop infrequently lowers the cost upon request. Shop local stores to see what is in stock. 


E-Bay is comparable to Facebook Marketplace. A wide variety of used gear is available nationwide. Pay close attention to the cost to avoid overpaying for used fishing tackle. Also, vet the buyer to ensure you are receiving the purchased item in the quilty noted in the listing. 


Craigslist is a great local resource. Over the last few years, fewer anglers utilize Craiglist to sell fishing tackle. The website is worth a visit but do not expect to find a wide range of options. 

Places That Buy Used Fishing Equipment Near Me

Used fishing equipment is bought locally in tackle shops and pawn shops. Visit each store to determine who is offering the best price. 

While tackle shops and pawn shops will buy the gear, sellers will earn more money finding independent buyers. 

Is Used Fishing Equipment Worth It

Used fishing equipment is worth purchasing when the gear is in good to excellent condition. Anglers buy fishing tackle and fail to find time to use it frequently. As a result, used gear shoppers stumble upon bargains.

In some situations, gear is used heavily. Anglers online shopping should never hesitate to ask for additional pictures. Lastly, inquire about the level of service performed on the fishing equipment. 

When the sale is local, have the gear inspected by a shop offering fishing reel service

Should I Sell My Used Fishing Equipment

Deciding to sell used fishing gear is challenging. The primary reason gear is sold is because it is no longer put to use.

In the situation where offshore anglers move away from ocean access, the decision to sell is simple. Additionally, the vast majority realize time is not available to head to local creeks, rivers, lakes, or coastal waters. 

When making the decision, realize that replacement costs are higher. Only sell if you know you will no longer need the equipment. 

Can You Donate Used Fishing Equipment

Yes, charitable organizations accept used fishing equipment donations. Some of the most notable include Goodwill and The Salvation Army. Either of the two will provide a receipt for tax deductions.

However, before donating fishing gear, make your best effort to sell the equipment. Cast payouts are higher. 

How To Price Used Fishing Equipment

The best method to determining if you’re selling your gear at the right cost is through market research. 

Utilize all of the digital sales tools. Search what you are offering for sale and average the cost of the listings. However, keep in mind that condition is a significant factor in determining price. 

List the items for sale slightly above average to allow room for negotiation. The majority of purchasers will not pay the total listing price. 

Head Out And Find Used Fishing Equipment For Sale

Take the time to explore all of the options before completing a used fishing gear purchase. With all of the resources available, you are sure to find what you are looking for at a fair price. Take your time when searching, no need to rush into a purchase of subpar used equipment. In short order, your rod racks and tackle bags will be filled and ready to fish.