The salt and freshwater fishing in the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia is excellent, and many delicious tasking fish are caught. Sometimes you may just be looking for another piece of seafood that is not local to your area. In most locations, a fish market is around the corner and will likely have a wide selection. Here are a few tips for choosing a local seafood store near me. 

Why should you visit local seafood near me

Not every local fish market is worth the visit. Some will not have quality products and should be avoided. Those that have the freshest seafood and widest selection are the best options. 

Nothing comes fresher than venturing out on a personally owned boat to catch dinner, but sometimes it’s just not an option, or you are feeling like something that isn’t locally sourced. Here are the reasons to visit high-quality fish markets near me.

Once you become a regular customer of a fish market, they will get to know you and your tastes to provide recommendations.

You will know that the seafood they have available is fresh

Stores with a wide selection will be sure to have what you’re looking for, whether it’s fish, crustaceans, or shellfish. 

As a repeat customer, they will be more apt to give you a discount.

Top-end fish markets will allow you to place special orders for large parties if they don’t carry a particular favorite. 

Seafood market location

Most often, a fish market will be within a few miles of the house. While convenience certainly plays into deciding where to buy seafood, it may not be the best option despite how close it is. Many seafood markets are run down, have a limited selection, and the product’s freshness is questionable. 

The best decision can be to drive a few extra miles to a better fish market that will have what you want, fair prices, and an incredibly fresh selection of seafood. Most areas will have fish stores with varying levels of quality. Spend the time to go to the best be a repeat shopper for potential savings. 

Seafood cost at a fish market

Most seafood markets will be within close range as far as pricing is concerned. Fish, shellfish, and crustaceans are expensive to purchase because of the cost to harvest them. If you’re looking for low-cost options, consider the fillets in the grocery store’s freezer section. 

Comparing costs between one seafood store and another won’t be worth the time. Instead of comparing, determine which has more options with the highest quality. Be prepared to shell out some dollars, especially for fish like tuna, Chilean sea bass, and swordfish. For the most part, seafood is very healthy, so it often makes it on the menu once a week. Be a repeat shopper in the same market. 

How to find a fish market near me

Seafood markets are easy to find on the internet. Simply search fish market near me or seafood market near me for a full list of choices. Make sure to read the reviews. Most are very candid about the experience that they had. 

A second option is to ask around. Family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors are great resources. Many will have visited one or more seafood markets and can help steer you in the right direction or what to avoid. Personal experiences are the most reliable. 

So it’s time to head out to the seafood market

Now that the research is done, it’s time to get in the car and pick up the fresh catch at the fish market if you could not get on the boat and source your own. Even with recommendations and reviews, the store may leave you feeling unsatisfied, but that’s ok because you can visit another that is likely close to you. Once you find your spot be a regular to help save money, store owners recognize and appreciate repeat shoppers because most fish markets are mom and pop businesses.