Positioned across the Bogue sound from Morehead City is Atlantic Beach, NC. Atlantic Beach is a paradise for boaters, anglers, and beachgoers. The North Carolina beaches are vast with white sand. Anglers flock to the area because of the wide range of species. Lastly, boaters enjoy the secluded anchorages away from the public. Enjoying each of these requires a tide chart. Here is what you need to know about a tide chart Atlantic Beach NC

Does The Atlantic Ocean Have Tides

Yes, the Atlantic Ocean has tides. On a typical day, there are two high and two low tides. Monitoring the tide is essential for safe navigation.

How Does Tide Effect Anglers Based On A Tide Chart Atlantic Beach NC

Anglers are significantly impacted by the tide, whether fishing from shore or by boat. Inland fish migrate based on the height of the water as the tide shifts from high to low or low to high. 

Tidal Effects For Shore Fishing 

Depending on the tide phase, shore-based anglers risk experiencing dry land at their favorite fishing location. Tidal fluctuations peak at nearly ten feet; therefore, areas submerged at high tide are high and dry at low tide. Be sure to check a chart when fishing from the land before heading out.

Tidal Effects For Boat Anglers

Anglers fishing from boats are also highly impacted by tidal changes. As tidal creeks drain into the Atlantic, vessels become unable to reach fishing grounds accessible during highs. 

In addition to limited access, fish move depending on the tidal phase. Redfish seek shelter and therefore penetrate deep into seagrass during high. As the water rushes out, focus on targeting red drum outside of the grass line in deep channels and oyster beds. 

How Does Tide Effect Beaches Based On A Tide Chart Atlantic Beach NC

It is almost unimaginable to fathom beaches disappear at high tide. In some Atlantic Beach locations, the beach is nearly swallowed up by the ocean during peak tides.

To maximize the ability to spread out from your neighbors, utilize the beach during lows. Additionally, tide pools are created, which are ideal for small children. A tide pool is a low area carved in the sand where water remains despite the sea level falling will below. Tide pools heat rapidly in the sun and are ideal for exploring. 

Remember to never leave items on the beach unattended for extended periods. All too often, beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and more become victims of the sea. As the tide rises, beach gear is swept away. 

Lastly, avoid swimming from the beach near inlets. During tide changes, water moves at a rapid pace. Unsuspecting swimmers quickly become swept away. 

How Does Tide Effect Boaters Based On A Tide Chart Atlantic Beach NC

Tide affects boaters in numerous ways. During low tide, it is essential to avoid straying from the marked channel. The likelihood of running aground increases when exiting the path of markers. 

Remember, waters which were easily passable during high are unlikely to be the same during low. Monitor onboard navigation systems and charts to ensure the vessel will not run aground when running in skinny water. 

On the intercoastal side of Atlantic Beach, NC, there are sandbars and islands with private beach access for boats. All too often, boats sit high and dry due to the failure of monitoring tides. Shift vessels to deeper water as the water level falls to prevent becoming grounded. Failure to do so results in the necessity of a tow or waiting for the tide to rise. Lastly, remember to anchor the vessel securely at a sandbar

How Do You Obtain A Tide Chart Atlantic Beach NC

Tide charts are available both online and at marinas, tackle shops, and marine supply stores. The best method is to utilize a phone to monitor the tide throughout the day. We recommend the US Harbors Chart Atlantic Beach NC

Now You Know How A Tide Chart Atlantic Beach NC Helps Boaters, Beachgoers, And Anglers

The next time you are fishing, boating, or beaching in Atlantic Beach, NC, make sure to utilize a tide chart. A tide chart provides valuable information to help anglers catch more fish, maximize space on the beach, and help prevent boaters from running aground. Utilize the internet or visit a tackle shop for the most up-to-date information.