The flatfish that lays on the bottom of the seafloor is one of the tastiest inshore fish available. Flounder are commonly found in the coastal waters off of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. This fish adapts well to its environment by changing its topside’s color to blend well into the sand. Also, both eyes are found on one side of their body. When flipped on the opposite, the underside is white as snow. Flounder, when cleaned, offers four fillets. The fish yields a significant amount of meat per fish. What are three flounder recipes for a southern kitchen?

Start By Understanding The Quality And Texture Of Flounder Fillets

  1. The meat of the fish is considered as firm
  2. A fillet is flaky and very white in color.
  3. Many would consider the taste mild but sweet.
  4. They are considered to be very lean and healthy.

What Are The Three Best Recipes To Cook Fresh Flounder?

I have cooked flounder countless ways and can tell you the three best fresh flounder recipes. Therefore, the next time you’re flounder cooking keep these recipes in mind.

Flounder Baked in Foil

Because flounder flakes apart easily, foil wrapping the fish holds the meat together for a beautiful presentation when it is finished cooking. 

What is needed?

Up to two pounds of flounder fillets

A clove of minced garlic

Three tablespoons of melted butter

The juice of one lemon

One diced onion

Salt and pepper added to your liking

How do you prepare foil-wrapped flounder?

Heat your oven to 350 degrees.

Layout a sufficient amount of foil to completely close it on all sides. Put the foil on top of a flat baking pan. Add the fish to the foil and place the onion and garlic evenly over the fish.

Add the salt, pepper, and lemon juice to the melted butter and pour it evenly over the fish.

Completely enclose the fish inside of the foil so it will not leak out and put it in the oven heated to temperature.

At this time, bake the fish for about 15 minutes. Carefully open the foil, but careful of burns. Above all, test to see if it easily flakes apart. Without a doubt, when it flakes easily, the meal is ready to be served. 

Lastly, add your favorite side like coleslaw or potato salad. 

Breaded Pan Fried Flounder

If you live in the south, you’re familiar with frying up food. While nearly any fish can be pan-fried, a southern fried flounder recipe is a real treat

First and foremost what is needed?

Up to two pounds of flounder fillets

Two cups of flour

Four beaten eggs

Two cups of Panko bread crumb

One tablespoon of garlic powder

Salt and pepper added to your liking

How do you prepare breaded pan-fried flounder?

Heat a deep-sided frying pan with half an inch of vegetable oil to medium heat.

At this time, add salt, pepper, and garlic powder to the flour and mix it well.

Dredge the whole fillets or chopped pieces in flour first, transfer them to the egg to coat the fish on all sides, and lastly, place them in the breadcrumbs and thoroughly cover them. 

Test the oil by dropping in a few bread crumbs, the crumbs should sizzle, but the oil should not be smoking.

It should be noted to carefully ad the the fillets with tongs to the frying pan. Cook on each side for a minimum of two minutes before flipping. 

After they have been cooked on both sides for four minutes, test them with a fork to see if the fillet flakes apart easily.

Place the cooked fillets on a paper towel to soak up some oil. Plate them up. 

Finally, don’t forget to serve with a side of tartar sauce for dipping and lemons to squeeze on the fish. 

Grilled Flounder

The third way to cook flounder is by grilling it. Remember, there are many grilled flounder recipes however, I have found this to be the best. It should be noted the flavoring comes naturally from grilling infuses the fish with a distinct flavor and leave nice sear lines on both sides. 

What is needed?

Up to two pounds of flounder fillets

Cajun seasoning to your liking

Stick of butter or oil

How do you prepare grilled flounder?

Light the grill and heat it to 350 degrees.

Clean the grates of the grill well to remove any previous food stuck to it.

At this time, sprinkle cajun seasoning on both sides of each fillet. Importantly, be aware that it can get spicy; add to your specific taste preferences.

Remember that flounder is exceptionally delicate, and you do run the risk of the fillets falling into pieces on the grill. To help avoid losing the fillets, generously coat the grates by brushing on oil or rubbing a stick of butter on each grill slat. 

Places the fillets on the grill and cook on each side for two minutes. However, you want to avoid overcooking the fish on the grill because it will become dry quickly. Importantly, test after four minutes to see if it is cooked through. Even though the flounder appears cooked on the outside the inside may be raw. Therefore, cook until the fish flakes with ease.

Likewise, don’t forget that while the grill is heated, toss your favorite veggie on that will accompany the fish as a side

Take Your Pick At The Best Way To Prepare Flounder.

The next time you catch fresh flounder or visit the local seafood store, without a doubt give one or all of these three flounder-recipes a try. Cooking fish is easy, and most importantly, it’s healthy. Consequently, the three flounder recipes will keep family and friends coming back for more flounder from your southern kitchen.