One of the most highly sought after and highly regulated fish in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic ocean is the Red Snapper. This fish is harvested both recreationally and commercially. For someone new to eating seafood, red snapper fish is one of the best fish to introduce yourself to the taste, which is one reason it is so popular. A second reason is that it can be prepared in a variety of ways. What are the best red snapper recipes?

What is the taste and texture of red snapper?

The taste and texture will vary because it can be served both raw and cooked. Before cooking, the red snapper fillets meat is pinkish and somewhat firm. Once the fish is prepared to eat, it will easily flake apart and has a mild sweet flavor. As a result of the mild taste, it can be cooked in a multitude of ways. Cooking red snapper is simple. Some of the preparations include fried red snapper, grilled red snapper, blackened red snapper, and more.

What are the three best snapper recipes?

The fish can be prepared in numerous ways. Here is how to cook red snapper-

Grilled Red Snapper-

One of the best grilled red snapper recipes is to blacken the fish. 

The benefits of blackening are that it is strong on the taste buds to mask the fish’s flavor for those who are questionable about seafood. 

What is needed?

-Grill safe spatula

-Small mixing bowl

-Basting brush


-Serving dish

Make sure that the fillets are well rinsed to remove any scales. In a mixing bowl, combine a stick of butter and the juice of one lemon and stir while the grill is heating. Coat each side of the fillets with blackening seasoning that can be purchased from the local grocery store. Baste the heated grill with the butter lemon mixture. Coat the side of the fillet that is going on the grill with the butter before placing it on the heat. After three minutes, coat the top side and flip and cook for an additional three minutes or until the fillet flakes apart and remove.

The blackened grilled red snapper is ready to serve. Pair it with a favorite side like grilled broccoli or grilled asparagus for a healthy dinner.

Baked Red Snapper-

Baked red snapper recipes are ideal for winter conditions when you have no choice but to cook inside. The flavors will fill the home with a beautiful smell for you and your guests to enjoy.

What is needed to bake red snapper?

-Glass baking dish

-Garlic powder

-Black pepper


-Olive oil 


Sometimes the most simple recipes are the tastiest. Coat the bottom of a glass baking dish with olive oil while heating the oven to 375 degrees. Make sure each fillet is cleaned and dry. Sprinkle garlic powder and ground black pepper to one side of the fish while resting in the baking dish. Squeeze a lemon on the top of the fish before placing it in the oven. Bake for up to twenty minutes or until the red snapper is flakey. 

Enjoy with a baked potato or coleslaw as the perfect combination. 

Whole red snapper-

One of the more challenging but best tasting are whole red snapper recipes. When the fish is cooked mainly intact, the fusion of flavors is hard to match.

What is needed-

-Glass baking dish

-White wine

-Sliced lemons


-Thyme, Salt, and Pepper

The key to the whole red snapper is using a fish that has been gutted. While the oven is heating to 400 degrees, spread olive oil in the baking dish. Add diced garlic, thyme, and half of the lemons to the center of the cavity after sprinkling in salt and pepper. Brush olive oil on the upper side of the fish. Add salt, pepper, and the remaining lemons to the fish’s side that is facing you. Pour white wine over the whole red snapper and bake for 20 or more minutes, depending on the size. 

Whole red snapper goes well with the rice of your choice and a green such as bok choy. 

The question of how to cook red snapper has been answered. It can be prepared in many different ways, but the end result is always amazing when catching or selecting the market’s freshest pieces. Red snapper is an excellent option for introducing someone new to seafood. One of the drawbacks is that it can be costly, but the flavor is worth the expense. Enjoy red snapper cooked to your liking.