Boats today come in many different forms to suit both varying activities and bodies of water. While some enjoy the comforts of a slow-moving pontoon boat on a small lake, others are racing offshore to a favorite fishing destination. When considering what style of boat best suits your family, explore these five North Carolina boat builders because boat builders in North Carolina are not hard to come by. We believe these are the give best North Carolina Boat manufacturers.

1. KenCraft Boats

KenCraft Boats is family-owned and one of the longest standing Carolina boat builders as it was founded 45 years ago. They offer great functionality in all hull forms to include deep V, flat bottom, and shallow draft bay boats. High-quality components are incorporated into each build like pop up 316 stainless steel cleats, all wiring harnesses come labeled, and are entirely wood-free to eliminate rot. Because KenCraft is rot free, they offer a ten-year structural hull warranty. They are suited for all bodies of water, from small lakes to the open ocean.

2. Egret Boats 

If you’re looking for a boat built for anglers, Egret is the way to go. Ranging from 16- 30 feet, the Egret fleet has a vessel to suit your needs. The hull durability is unmatched as they utilize a kevlar wrap, which is much lighter but more impact resistant. Lastly, they offer the ability to customize which is important to consumers when purchasing from North Carolina boat manufacturers. Egret Boats will ensure to add the option for all the bells and whistles to make your days on the water more enjoyable.

3. Grady White

Probably a boat that doesn’t need much explanation, the Grady White is one of the most notable brands in the industry. With over 25 models to chose from and the ability to custom build, Grady White has you covered. Depending on your cruising preference, this brand features dual console boats for family cruising, center consoles for the fisherman in mind, and walkarounds with cabins for the overnight traveler. Having been founded in 1959, Grady White holds a high reputation in the marine industry. Oh yeah, and Grady White has boats built in North Carolina more specifically Greenville, North Carolina.

4. OBX Boatworks

For those who prefer to be on the water more days of the year than on land, OBX Boatworks builds fishing machines. Utilized by boat enthusiasts for over eight years, these vessels are tailor-designed by a naval architect to suit your needs. They come at no small expense but exude luxury and durability, and its beauty is a head-turner. 

5. Radcliffe Boat Works 

The series of boats built by Radcliffe Boat Works goes by the name of Privateer. Terry Radcliff, the owner of the Privateer since the early 90’s, produces boats ranging from 21 to 28 feet. In July of 2015, Terry and his son Bradley moved plant operations a mile down the road to remain one of the best NC boat builders with a new plant in Belhaven, NC. With a strong background in commercial fishing, these boats are built for offshore adventures.

Is It Worth Buying A Boat In North Carolina?

Although buying a boat in North Carolina is a big investment, most will find it to be worth it. The great thing about North Carolina boating is that you can choose between lake or ocean boating. No matter the size or the style, you will find the right boat manufacturers in North Carolina. There is no lack of water in the state of North Carolina. In addition, it is important to remember that boats made in North Carolina will likely be a bit less expensive to ship. The warranty services are also going to be closer for you to have any issues handled.

Ocean-worthy boats built in NC are some of the best rough water designs because of the sea conditions along the coast. The Atlantic Ocean along the North Carolina coast ranges from massive swells to white caps, and dead flat calm. Know that boat builders in North Carolina put a significant amount of effort into hull design allowing the most comfortable and dry ride when encountering inclement weather.

Explore What’s Best For You When Selecting NC Boat Manufacturers

Whether you’re an afternoon family cruiser or an ocean-going boat enthusiast, boat manufacturers in NC produce a suitable vessel for you. Take into account your specific needs and give these manufacturers a call. You will discover if the lineup they offer is the right fit for your needs. Nothing better than supporting local businesses in your backyard. The builders stand behind the product that is designed to get you on the water.