Vessel designs fail to incorporate ample storage space. Boaters require a substantial amount of gear.  The gear includes coast guard-approved safety equipment, fishing equipment, water sports gear, tools, fenders, dock lines, cushions, and more. Additionally, factor in people, bags filled with the day’s supplies, and coolers. Space becomes limited at a rapid rate. A T-bag boat bag can help. Learn about T-top storage. 

What is a T Bag Boat Bag Designed To Store

The primary purpose for installing a T-Bag to the top of a center console, bimini top, or pontoon boat is to store life jackets.

Life jackets are bulky and therefore require a substantial amount of space to store in seat hatches. Additionally, personal flotation devices are challenging to access when cushions cover storage access. In the unlikely event of an emergency, safety gear must be easily accessible. 

While the storage device is designed to hold almost anything, the bag is most widely used for safety personal flotation devices. Most importantly, the bag is positioned in a location convenient to the operator. The T-Bag is secured directly overhead of the helm on center console boats. The driver quickly has access to the life-saving devices while allowing hatch space to remain free for other items. 

What Elements Does A T-Bag Whether

As a result of the bag being both exposed to the elements and secured to the overhead, they require lightweight, durable construction.

The materials must be capable of withstanding rain, salt environments, UV exposure, and high winds. 


Water-resistant polyester comprises exterior of the storage bag. Water resistant polyester is high effective at keeping stored components dry. Lastly, ventilation ports eliminate the growth of mold and mildew.


High-quality marine grade zippers helps prevent corrosion. Corrosion build-up results in the inability to slide the zipper open and closed. You must douse the bag with freshwater after salt salt exposure.

UV Resistance

The bag is not affected by UV rays as a result of marine grade polyester. The strength of the sun quickly breaks down fabrics that do not contain UV inhibiting materials. 


The combination of wind and operating speed of the vessel puts a significant strain on mounted bags. Adjustable heavy-duty straps are designed to withstand the forces, so the bag does not come free while in operation or dockside. 

How Do T-Bags Mount To Boats

The most common mounting method is via straps. The adjustable heavy-duty straps clip round T-Top aluminum bars and bimini and pontoon boat tops. First, clip the straps. Second, pull the tabs until the bag sits firmly against the overhead.

T-Top installation is the most straightforward. When mounting the bag on bimini tops, take caution when tightening the straps. Over tightening may result in bent roof covering rods. 

What Is The Price Range To Purchase A T-Bag

The price to purchase a boat T-Bag ranges between sixty and one hundred and twenty dollars. The cost is based on the size of the bag. 

In regards to quality, it is essential to read reviews before completing a purchase. Price is not the determining factor in quality, as high-priced bags do not indicate superb manufacturing. Ask fellow boaters their opinion and make an educated decision. 

What Is The Best Boat T-Bag

We highly recommend the C.E. Smith T-Top Storage Bag. They storage compartments are high in quality and fairly priced. 

How Many Life Jackets Does A T-Bag Hold

T bag boat bags hold between four and six adult life jackets. The capacity is based on the size of the T-Bag. When determining which size is right for your watercraft, measure the space available, shop the correct dimensions, and complete the purchase. Avoid buying a bag that does not correctly fit the open space beneath the roof covering. 

T Bag Boat Bag: Will Save You Space

When storage space is running thin, consider adding a T-Bag to your vessel. Not only is the bag easy to access because of its central location but it frees up space in the deck hatches. Most importantly they are designed to hold a crucial component to safety. Life jackets are critical when the unexpected happens. You will be glad you added a T-Bag to your boat.