One of the most popular fishing methods along the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is surf fishing. Anglers catch a wide variety of fish and avoid the costs of purchasing and maintaining a vessel. Additionally, anglers have the opportunity to bask in the sun and cool off in the water while fishing. Here is what you need to know about surf fishing. 

What Is Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is the method of catching fish while standing on the sandy beach or wading into the Atlantic Ocean off the shores of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

Experienced and inexperienced anglers have the opportunity to catch fish while casting from the surf. In comparison, the most avid surf anglers utilize specialed gear, basic rod, and reel combinations suit the task. 

Take into account the distance from the parking lot to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. We recommend loading fishing combinations, a cooler, bait, tackle, umbrella, pliers, and chairs on a fishing cart for ease of transport. 

What Kind Of Fish Do You Catch Surf Fishing 

When casting from the beach in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, anglers have the opportunity to catch a vast range of fish. The fish species include whiting, black drum, red drum, flounder, sea trout, stingrays, and even shark. 

In addition to gamefish, live bait is caught from the surf by throwing a cast net over schools of mullet, pilchards, or other baitfish. Remember to bring along a bait bucket and pump to keep them swimming. 

What Is The Best Bait For Surf Fishing

Bait choices are endless when fishing from the beach in fresh or saltwater. Here are the most effective baits when fishing from beaches.


When fishing from the surf in saltwater, we recommend catching live bait, including sand fleas while digging in the sand, mullet by cast net, or fiddler crabs. 

The second option is visiting a local bait and tackle to purchase frozen squid, fresh or frozen shrimp, or ballyhoo. 


When casting from the beaches of lakes and reservoirs, the best baits include worms, live minnows, crickets, crawfish, or casting lures. 

How Do You Fish In The Surf

Fishing in the surf requires the ability to cast long distances. Once the gear is on the beach, drive sand spikes into the ground to support the rod and reel combinations above the breaking surf.

Prepare the rod and reel once the spikes are driven by tying the pre-rigged surf fishing rig. Match the weight based on the seas and current. The rig must hold position despite opposing forces. 

We recommend the AGOOL 17 Piece Surf Fishing Kit. The rig includes the leader, weights, and snap swivels. Simply add the hook size of your choice and tip it with bait. 

Once the rigs are in place, bait the hook. Wade into the water and cast the line past the breaking waves. Place the fishing rod into the rod holder, reel the slack, and watch the rod’s tip. 

When the fish bites, reel the line and battle until landed. We recommend staying onshore when fighting a fish if a shark is at the end of the line. 

How Far Should You Cast When Surf Fishing

When surf fishing, the fish feed on the back or ocean side of breaking waves. The cast must clear and hold beyond the breaking waves to increase the chances of catching fish. The angler is frequently forced to wade into the water with this distance required. 

What Is The Best Time To Go Surf Fishing

The best time to go fishing is during the incoming tide. In addition to tides, we recommend casting from the surf in the early morning after sunrise and from two to three hours before sunset until the light disappears. 

What Precautions Should You Take When Surf Fishing

Precautions must be taken when fishing from the surf. Ensure the beach allows anglers to cast from the beach before setting up gear.

Ensure that no swimmers are in the immediate vicinity as they are likely to become tangled in fishing lines or stuck by hooks.

Lastly, exit the water fighting and landing a fish. Sharks are prevalent near saltwater beaches in addition to stingrays. A bite or sting will lead to a preventable injury. Always utilize pliers to remove fishing hooks. 

Are You Ready To Head Out Surf Fishing In Your Area

Whether you are located near the ocean or lakes and reservoirs or visiting from out of town, take the opportunity to surf fish. There is an abundance of fish that swim within close proximity to the shore. Pack a cooler, measuring tape, and regulations guide when intending to take fish home for dinner. Enjoy spending time in the sand while casting a line.