A day in the sun with friends and family in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina often includes a cooler full of beer. Despite its inability to hydrate, beachgoers, boaters, campers, and anglers enjoy sipping the suds. Beer is picked up on the way to the outdoor adventure and often remains unchilled. To enjoy the beer quickly, it must drop in temperature rapidly. Here are the steps to chilling ice cold beer in a cooler. 

What Types Of Outdoor Activities Can You Pack Beer For

The number of outdoor activities in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is endless. Pack beer easily in a cooler and bring along for the day’s adventure. 

Here are the most frequent outdoor activities that include ice cold beer.


Whether you are headed out on the boat or fishing from land, beer frequently accompanies anglers as they cast or troll a line. 

Set a cooler on the boat or drag one out to the bank, pier, or dock. Remember to avoid overconsuming as it presents risks. Boat operators face legal action, and passengers or shore anglers risk falling and becoming injured. 


Cruising through the southeast’s coastal waters, lakes, or rivers offers impressive sights. Along the coast, catch a glimpse of marsh-lined waterways and in the northern lake’s boat among the lakes surrounded by mountains.

 Pack a cooler of beer filled with a variety of options. Again, never overindulge due to the risk of injury or exceeding the legal limit. 


The beaching opportunities are endless in salt or freshwater in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. 

Wheel a cooler packed with icy cold beverages and don’t leave the bottle opener back home. Check with local ordinance to ensure alcohol consumption is allowable by law.


Camping along the coast or inland waters is popular because you can get a spot positioned on the banks in many cases. 

Generally, camping lasts for a night or more, so be sure to pack extra beer. Remember, you don’t have to place it all in the cooler at once. Slowly add beer to the cooler as necessary. 

Social Gatherings

Outdoor rental pavilions are standard among the three states and are used for social gatherings with friends and families. 

When renting an outdoor pavilion, pack up the car with a cooler full of icy beers to enjoy while cooking and socializing under the pavilion’s shade. 

What Are The Steps To Chilling Ice Cold Beer In A Cooler

When chilling beer in short order, follow these steps to turn the frothy refreshment from warm to cold in minutes. 

Step 1. Use A Well Insulated Cooler

Purchase or utilize only well insulated coolers to maximize efficiency. A poorly insulated cooler will not hold ice before it turns to water in short order.

We recommend a cooler with wheels to avoid carrying excessive weight. Check out the best coolers with wheels if you need a new cooler.  

Step 2. Purchase And Place The Beer In The Cooler

Purchase your favorite type or a variety of beer and place it in the bottom of the cooler. Place the beer in the cooler first to ensure it is adequately coated with ice. 

Step 3. Add The Ice

First and foremost, don’t skimp on ice. If your ice maker isn’t cutting it, stop at a gas station and buy bags of ice. 

Add the ice to the cooler to ensure that the beer is well submerged and wholly covered with excess on top. 

Step 4. Add Water

Yes, you heard it right; add water to the ice and beer in the cooler. Do not add hot or warm water but rather cold water to create a slushy ice mixture. 

Step 5. Allow The Beer To Rest In The Slushy Mix

One the cans are coated in the slushy mixture allow them to chill. Believe it or not, when the proper ice and water combinations is concocted, the beer will become ice cold within five minutes. 

Step 6. Crack A Cold One And Add Ice As Needed

Grab a koozie and slap a cold one inside before popping the top. To keep the beers cold, top with ice as needed. 

Follow These Steps To Chill Ice Cold Beer In A Cooler

The next time you’re headed out with friends or family for a day or extended trip, follow the steps above to chill the beer to ice cold temperatures. No sense in sipping warm suds when the process is simple. Check out ReddyIce, one of the most widely known ice producers for grocery stores and gas stations.