One of the largest marinas is Southport Marina, located in the southern half of coastal North Carolina. The marina is positioned with easy access for boaters traveling the ocean or up and down the coast along the intercoastal waterway. A recent hurricane caused the need for reconstruction. Here are 3 things to know about Southport Marina in North Carolina. 

Where Is Southport Marina Located

Southport Marina is nestled between two coastal cities. To the north along the coast is Wilmington and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to the south. 

The Brunswick Islands are series of islands in southern coastal North Carolina in which the town Southport lies. The marina is positioned at the mouth of the Cape Fear River where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. 

When visiting Southport, take a stroll in the numerous art galleries, restaurants, and historical sights. However, the access to offshore and inshore fishing is unmatched because of the marina’s location. 

What Types Of Amenities Does Southport Marina Offer

For boaters transiting up and down the east coast of the United States, it is essential to find marinas with ample amenities. However, amenities are equally crucial for resident boaters who utilize dockage or dry storage space. 

Here is a list of amenities available at Southport Marina in North Carolina.

Shower Facilities

After a long journey venturing from one marina to another or after a long day of fishing, rinse up in a clean shower. After a recent storm, the marina underwent a massive rebuild; therefore, the shower and restroom facilities are modern and well kept. 

Wifi Access

Resident and transient boaters can remain connected because of the wifi access available for all patrons. 

Sign onto the internet to file float plans, catch up on work, or kick back with friends and family on the boat while streaming a sports game on a lazy Saturday or Sunday. 

New State Of The Art Docks

The marina invested heavily into the docks for long-term durability. The marina purchased Cumaru rather than using pressure treated wood when building the docks.

Cumara is a high-density hardwood that is highly resistant to rot and damage caused by insects.

High Speed Fuel Pumps

Fuel up the vessel rapidly by utilizing the high-speed fuel pumps at Southport Marina. The marina offers Valve Tect diesel and gasoline fuels. 

 The fuel dock is positioned at the entrance to the marina along the T-Dock for ease of docking and undocking before venturing to the assigned slip space. 

Get Connected To Shore Power

Shut down the generator for an evening of peace and quiet and plug into the 30, 50, and 100 ample power pedestals. 

Wash Your Clothes And Other Boating and Fishing Gear

Transient boaters have the opportunity to clean their clothes before continuing on the journey when stopping at Southport Marina.

The laundry facilities are equally as beneficial to resident boaters. After a day of fishing or lounging at the beach, avoid taking the mess home and clean up clothes, towels, and rags at the marina. 

What Type Of Boat Storage Does The Marina Offer

Southport offers a vast selection of boat storage depending on the owner’s preference for keeping watercraft in or out of the water. Here are the types of boat storage available at the marina.

Indoor Dry Racks

When it comes to storage options indoor dry racks provide the most protection from the elements. The buildings are enclosed which reduces and eliminates exposure to the sun, salt air, rain, and dirt. Most importantly, avoid the need to apply bottom paint to the hull.

Southport marina offers indoor storage for boats up to thirty-five feet in length. Check out the five biggest challenges of dry rack storage

Outdoor Dry Racks

Similar to indoor dry racks are outdoor dry racks. Again, you avoid the need to paint the hull but the vessel remains exposed to sun, salt air, rain, and dirt. However, the cost is substantially less to store the boat outside versus inside.

Boat Slips

Avoid the need to wait for the boat to be launched by forklifts when stored in racks. Walk down the dock, hop aboard, fire up the engines and drive away. 

Southport Marina offers dockage for both residents in addition to transient boaters. When venturing up or down the coast, we recommend reserving dockage space well in advance due to the popularity of the marina. 

Check Out Southport Marina Now That You Know The Benefits

Whether you live in southern portions of coastal North Carolina or are traveling along the coast, we recommend Southport Marina. Southport Marina welcomes boaters with endless amenities making the stay a welcoming experience. Lastly, Southport is conveniently located along the intercoastal waterway with access to the open Atlantic Ocean.