When fishing in South Carolina, you will find no shortage of fishing piers. Fishing piers are designed for experienced and inexperienced anglers to catch fish from the elevated surface above the water. The state contains 11 piers that are widely dispersed and fall between Georgia and North Carolina borders. As a visitor or local in the coastal region, here are 5 steps for finding a fishing pier near me in South Carolina. 

Why Should You Fish On A Fishing Pier In South Carolina

Considering all of the piers that dot the coast in South Carolina, you will be sure to find one in close proximity. A pier is one of the most convenient ways to fish because it is designed with the angler in mind. Here are 3 reasons why you should fish on a pier in South Carolina. 

Opportunity For Anglers Of All Experience Levels

When dropping a line from a pier, no experience is necessary. First-time fishers and seasoned anglers share the same space on the elevated surface. When traveling in from out of town or looking for a new experience locally, give fishing a try from a pier.

While we don’t recommend first-time anglers swinging a fishing rod with a massive lead weight, simply drop the line from the pier in proximity to the pilings below. 

Convenient Form Of Fishing

Rather than dealing with the hassles of owning a vessel, piers are most convenient. There is no need to wash a vessel, perform maintenance, or pay gas and insurance fees. A pier offers parking, shade, snacks, bait, and most importantly, they teem with fish. 


As we alluded to above, piers are a low-cost form of fishing. The fee to utilize a pier is primarily based on the number of fished rods. Spend an hour or a day on a pier catching fish without breaking the bank. 

The low cost is particularly important when introducing a person to fishing. Rather than paying for a charter only to find out they don’t enjoy the sport, test out their passion for the sport at a discount. 

What Can You Catch When Fishing On A South Carolina Fishing Pier Near Me

There is an abundance of species caught from piers in coastal South Carolina. The variety of fish includes tarpon, cobia, mackerel, redfish, flounder, sea trout, whiting, a vast range of sharks, and more. 

Anglers are often surprised by what they catch when casting from a pier in South Carolina because of the wide range of species swimming a short distance from the beach. 

What Should You Bring When Fishing From A Pier In South Carolina

When you plan to go fishing from a pier in South Carolina, here is a list of items needed to make the day successful.  

Food And Drinks

No matter if you are spending an hour or a day on the pier, pack food and drinks. It is essential to remain hydrated and nourished rather than being forced to leave early due to feeling uncomfortable or parched. 

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Don’t venture out on a pier with only one hook and weight. Snags are common when casting from a pier, and toothy fish bite through the fishing line with ease. Pack extra tackle to avoid being sent home early.

Sunscreen And Sun Protective Clothing

When standing on a pier, the sun bakes down on you relentlessly. Always pack sunscreen, a hat, and long sleeve shirts when spending a day fishing. Lastly, reapply sunscreen routinely to avoid going home with a nasty burn. 

Fishing Bait

We suggest frozen shrimp, live shrimp, mullet, squid, or cut fish when it comes to bait. Fortunately, piers sell bait, so you will not need to search for a bait and tackle shop nearby. 

What Are The 5 Steps For Finding A Fishing Pier Near Me In South Carolina

Follow the 5 steps below when locating a fishing pier near me in coastal South Carolina. 

Step 1. 

Electronic devices make finding a pier a simple task. A computer, cell phone, or tablet is your best resource for locating a pier. So first, grab your device that is connected to the internet. 

Step 2. 

With the electronic device in hand, search fishing pier near me when on vacation or near the coast. A complete list of fishing piers will appear on the screen. Keep in mind some areas of South Carolina are constructed with multiple piers compared to others where they are more scarce. 

Step 3. 

Determine the hours when the pier is open by visiting the fishing destinations website. The vast majority are available 24 hours a day. 

Step 4. 

Consider the best way to get to the pier, whether it is walking or driving a car. During the summer months, the coastal areas of South Carolina become congested. The ability to find parking becomes challenging therefore walking is often best. 

Step 5. 

Before paying the fee check the local weather forecast. When bad weather is expected, avoid paying admittance only to be forced to leave. 

Use These 5 Steps For Finding a Fishing Pier Near Me In South Carolina

Coastal South Carolina offers an abundance of piers for residents and visitors to enjoy. No experience is necessary when fishing from a pier but use caution to avoid causing injury to yourself or others in your vacinity. Check out the Apache Pier in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the east coast’s longest pier.