Spending time on the water is one of the most enjoyable hobbies because of the relaxation it provides. Boat ownership requires both money and time. The initial investment to purchase a boat is generally high, and the yearly maintenance and storage can be substantial. Many have jumped into buying a boat only to realize that they are sinking hard-earned money into something that sits at the dock or on the trailer. Many boat clubs are available but consider joining Carefree Boat Club.

Is It Worth It To Join Carefree Boat Club 

What factors go into owning a boat

Owning a boat is ideal compared to joining a boat club if you have the time and money to care for the vessel properly.


Some jump into purchasing a boat only to realize they simply can’t find the time to use it. Evaluate your schedule and determine if you can use the boat at least four times a month during prime boating season.

When it comes to upkeep, crafts require a great deal of attention. The boat needs to be washed, waxed, engine servicing, and remember, use causes wear and tear. Corrosion in salt environments and vibration add additional stresses to wiring and hardware, and as a result, increased maintenance is necessary. 

If you’re not keeping your boat at a marina, a tow vehicle is a necessity. Typically, a truck or SUV that can tow a trailer and boat comes at a higher cost.

Storage is an added expense. Marina slips, dry racks, and general boat and trailer storage facilities can be costly.

For the most part, crafts require both registration and insurance. Keeping up with all the extra paperwork is also time-consuming.

A great benefit to ownership is stocking it with all of the necessary items without removing them. Fishing gear, clothing, and water sports items can all be left onboard. 

Most importantly, you are not limited to availability. A personal craft can be used at your disposal.

What factors go into Carefree Boat Club

When considering joining a boat club, the benefits may far outweigh the shortcoming, but it depends on the person. 


One of the most significant benefits of becoming a Carefree Boat Club member is time. Pick up your phone, select the boat of your choice on available dates, and head to the dock.  

Once you’re done spending time on the water for the day, simply dock it up and walk away. No cleaning or maintenance is required. This is the greatest benefit of joining a club- Walking away!

Most clubs have a wide range of vessels to choose from. Select a fishing boat on the days you plan to bring along the rods and reels or a cruiser for heading to the beach or sightseeing. 

For the avid vacationer, no need to trailer a boat to your vacation destination. Select a lake or coastal region with a Carefree Boat Club, and you will have reciprocal benefits. This eliminates a great deal of hassle.

A significant drawback can be availability. It’s essential to speak with the specific club to ask about the number of boats offered and how readily each is available. 

Carefree Boat Club Cost

Joining a Carefree boat club can vary significantly in cost based on location. Many key factors go into determining the initiation fee and monthly dues.

What are the factors in determining Carefree Boat Club Costs:

Remember that on top of the initiation fee, and monthly dues are fuel expenses. Gas will be in addition to each of these fees. It’s hard to estimate fuel costs; it all depends on use. 

Seasons are an enormous factor. The club boats have more use in places like Florida, where they can be used year-round. Typically the longer the season, the higher the monthly expense.

The initiation fee fluctuates because of the number of boats, how long the specific location has been established, and how popular it is in the area. Remember, they often offer specials, so it’s worth asking and waiting it out. 

Plan to use the boat a minimum of four times per month during boating season to get your money’s worth out of it. 


Weighing the decision of purchasing a boat or joining a Carefree Boat Club can be challenging. Each has its pros and cons. In the end, it comes down to time. Free time is extremely valuable and for most is very limited. To make the best of your time away from work and house duties, consider joining a boat club rather than spending it both using a boat and maintaining it in those few days a month.