Two of the most historical cities on the east coast of the United States are Savannah, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina. Each city features historic sights, excellent dining, beaches, and cobblestone street. Fortunately, the distance between the two is minimal, making it possible to visit both in a single trip. Learn the differences between Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC

Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC Who Has The Better Weather

The temperatures and rain percentages are similar between the two cities. Savannah is positioned farther south along the coast. Due to its position, the winter temperatures remain slightly warmer. Expect a 3-4 day temperature difference between the two cities during the winter. 

Summer highs are equal. The day’s highs reach the low 90’s. Lastly, each city faces the risk of tropical activity as they are both positioned along the coast. 

Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC Which Is Easier To Get To

Both Charleston and Savannah feature major airports. The Savannah/Hilton Head International airport is approximately twenty minutes from the city’s heart. 

Similar to Savannah, Charleston International airport is also positioned twenty minutes from the city. 

The Charleston airport offers an increased number of flight options when compared to Savannah. 

Visitors have the opportunity to travel between Savannah and Charleston by car in just over two hours. 

Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC Who Has The Better Dining Scene

Wow, both historical cities have a reputation for exceptional dining. We have dinned extensively in both cities and can attest to the fact that they are equals. 

The cuisine type focuses heavily on southern comfort-style food infused with local seafood. Each Savannah and Charlestons waters are a source for shrimp, fish, blue crabs, and oysters which find their way on menus. Check out Savannah seafood restaurants and Charleston seafood restaurants. 

Despite the cities being known for southern cooking, neither falls short in offering every cuisine imaginable. 

Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC Who Has The Better Hotels

Savannah and Charleston feature both haunted inns and large-scale chain hotels. Charleston features a more robust selection of hotels due to the size of the city. Charleston is far more populated when compared to Savannah.

In regards to cost, the nightly fees are highly dependent on the seasons. Peak season ranges between March and July. During these months, lodging rates are increased significantly. We recommend visiting either city in the fall because of the reduced hotel fees and comfortable weather. 

The most notable Charleston hotels are the Francis Marion, Hotel Bennet, and the Barksdale House Inn. 

While visiting Savannah, we recommend the 1790 Inn And Restaurant, The Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa, and lastly, the Perry Lane Hotel

Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC Who Has The Better Beaches

Both cities offer superb beaching options. Savannah’s most notable beach is Tybee Island Beach. The beach is thirty minutes from downtown. 

Charleston undoubtedly offers the best beach experience. The two most popular are Folley Beach to the south of the city and Isle Of Palms Beach to the north. 

In each city, the beaches become crowded during the summer months. Leave the house or hotel in the morning hours to increase the likelihood of finding parking. 

How Far Is Savannah From Charleston

When comparing Savannah Ga vs Charleston SC take the opportunity to visit both. Savannah and Charleston are only two and half hours apart. Split your vacation time between both so you can compare Chareston sc vs Savannah Ga.

Charleston or Savannah are compatible in what they offer and the drive between the two is picturesque along route 17. Rather than traveling by car on Interstate 95 take the journey on the coastal highway that ventures along the South Carolina coastline.

Route 17 is a tree-lined divided two-lane highway with an abundance of wildlife including deer, birds, fox, and more. In addition to wildlife is numerous historic sites dating back to the 1800s. The historic sites are well marked allowing you the opportunity to pull off, park, and explore.

When venturing along route 17, watch your speed. Police run radar so never drive 5 miles per hour or more over the speed limit. After you visit each, decide if you prefer Savannah or Charleston.

Savannah Georgia Vs Charleston SC Which Should You Visit

To make a long answer short, the correct conclusion is to visit both Savannah and Charleston. The distance between the two is minimal, and they each boast unique qualities. When flying, determine the most cost-effective airport. At that point, rent a car and visit the other. Remember, the winters months are chilly. When your plans include the beach, consider the summer and early fall. If your plans are to avoid crowds, find more time to relax then Savannah is your best bet. The historic charm, accommodations, beaches, and dining scene will bring you back time and time again.