Things are looking up in this weeks Savannah fishing report. Summer temperatures are now here with temps in the 90s. Inshore I’ve begun seeing and catching variety of different baits. Pogies are now everywhere in most rivers and in the sound, but on the smaller size. Small brown shrimp are thick in creeks, or at least creeks that they usually migrate in. In catching small shrimp I’m also catching plenty of small croakers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you head out over the next week.

Are There Mullet To Catch?

There are plenty of, bigger than finger size, mullet around, with new smaller ones
beginning to show up. But they are just getting big enough to stay in the cast net.

Inshore Savannah Fishing Report

The Flounder bite has really heated up! I’ve been having the best luck using small
croakers and small shrimp under a cork, fishing around oyster beds and steep mud
banks. They can also be targeted with a jig and paddle-tail.


There are lots of Trout around, especially smaller male Trout, have to move around to
locate the larger Roe Trout. Slot size Redfish have really spread out recently, I’m
catching only a few at one location, then moving to the next spot to pop more.
Bull Redfish
Bull Redfish have also spread out inshore are can still be caught out on the beachfront
and nearshore reefs.

Spanish Mackerel

I’ve seen a few Spanish Mackerel hitting some of these small Pogies in the rivers and
sound but it shouldn’t be long before they’re out thick on the beachfront and nearshore

Offshore/Nearshore Savannah Fishing Report

The Cobia and Kingfish bite is getting good out 10-30 miles on reefs.
Cobia can best be caught with either a bucktail jig with a scewtail or Pogie or just a
Pogie on a Carolina rig. Kingfish are best caught using a top line with some sort of live

The Snapper Banks are alive with all kinds of bottom fish and Kingfish, unfortunately,
can’t keep the, very abundant, Red Snapper. I’ve even heard of a few people catching
some Sailfish at the Banks as well.

This upcoming week or two will probably be the last chance to make it worthwhile to go
out to the Gulf Stream for Mahi, Wahoo, and Tuna. Bite has been pretty good this
season (Typically mid-April to end of May) and quite a few people are getting a few
Sailfish and Marlin.

Check-in next week to see how things are going and where to look for fish in The Savannah Fishing Report. For previous Savannah fishing reports click here.