Whether you want to try out boating before you consider purchasing or just don’t need the hassle of ownership, rentals are always a good option. Savannah, Georgia, provides excellent boating opportunities considering the calm back creeks and Wassaw Island for beaching. Renting a boat near me in Savannah, Georgia, is a perfect option for tourists and residents.

What Do I Need To Know About Renting A Boat 

Preparation will make renting a boat a far easier and safer process. Boat reservations fill up fast, so book well in advance, or you run the risk of remaining dockside and spoiling the fun. 

Once the reservation is confirmed, think ahead of time about what you need for a day on the water. Last-minute trips to the store can eat into your costly and valuable rental time. Finally, know where you are going with the boat and how to get there. 

Can You Rent A Boat If You Have Never Driven One

Boat rental companies know that many renters are inexperienced; therefore, they provide training the morning the boater departs. 

The crew of the rental company will educate the renter by taking a certification course in a classroom setting. In addition to the class, a trained operator will walk the renter through the controls and provide advice on navigating the vessel safely. 

How Much Is It To Rent A Boat In Savannah, Georgia

The cost of boat rentals Savannah is dependent on the day of the week, the size of the vessel, and the number of hours the renter will use the craft. Determine how long you want to stay on the water before cashing out.

Fortunately, most rental companies offer full and half-day rental options. When booking a Savannah boat rental for a half a day, expect to pay $300 or more dollars and full-day rentals at $500 and up. Fuel costs will be in addition to the rental fee, so be aware the farther and faster you run, the more the expense adds increases.

How To Save Money On A Boat Rental Near Savannah, Georgia

Boat rentals are expensive; however, there are ways to save on costs. The majority of the population works Monday through Friday, and as a result, some companies find it challenging to fill reservations during these days. 

The best rates will be on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays because, more often than not, workers will extend a weekend by taking a Friday or Monday off. So pick up the phone and call the marina or view an online calendar if you have a flexible schedule. 

Additionally, although the Savannah winters are mild, cold weather rolls through from time to time. A Savannah Georgia boat rental may be cheaper during the offseason so ask the marina for a low season discount.

Renting A Boat Near Me The Best In Savannah, Georgia

The easiest way to find a boat rental near me is to search the internet for renting a boat near me in Savannah, Georgia. A complete list will pop up to pick and choose what best suits you. However, we have taken the guesswork out to save you time. Before you waste your time,  check out these great options for Savannah Ga boat rentals.

Bull River Marina

Situated between downtown Savannah and Tybee Island is Bull River Marina. The marina has two boats available for rent. The first is a nineteen-foot Carolina Skiff to accommodate six passengers and second a four-passenger seventeen-and-a-half-foot Boston Whaler. Rather than driving by car for Tybee Island boat rentals pick one up at Bull River Marina and run the boat to Tybee island which has excellent waterfront dining.


The online platform called Boatsetter is a unique way to rent boats in the Savannah area. On the website, boat owners will list their boats for rent. Consider going this avenue because the cost reduction can be substantial. 

Additionally, boat rentals Savannah, Ga, and Tybee Island boat rental is available through Boatsetter depending on where you are living or visiting. A boat rental Savannah Ga will allow you the opportunity to explore the picturesque marshland and even a dolphin or two along the way.

Time To Head Out On A Boat Rental In Savannah, Georgia

Owning boats can be nothing but a headache and also require a significant time commitment. Getting out on the water can come at a lower cost by renting once monthly than purchasing a vessel. Check out both Savannah boat rentals and boat rentals Tybee Island. Most important is the opportunity to view the Savannah coastal region from a completely different perspective.