Any state which borders the open seas is not short of luxurious yachts. The large marinas which line the coast are filled with small-sized vessels to mega yachts. Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina are home to many of these floating mansions. 

Many boat owners and their families envision life working aboard a yacht because of the beauty they exude and the popular TV shows that air about life at sea. What are the pros and cons of working on a yacht?

Who should consider working on a yacht?

Deciding to consider working aboard yachts can be challenging. North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia yacht owners may have positions open for captains, mates, stews, engineers, and more. 

Many young boat enthusiasts in the area should consider working aboard yachts if they feel boating is more than just a hobby but rather a passion. Take into account that life on ships means working, eating, and sleeping without going home. 

The pros to working on a yacht

Working aboard yachts has many benefits. When you join up with a crew in charge of a large vessel, you can leave the ordinary behind and escape to a completely different world. 


While a significant number of yachts call Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina home, they likely have a designated travel season that will take the vessel to waters far beyond these three states.

One of the fascinating parts of working aboard large boats is seeing new places that would not be on the average person’s bucket list.

The benefits beyond finances

Think beyond just putting money in your pocket. The majority of yachts hire top-notch chefs, travel to exclusive destinations, and have great water toys for the owner’s pleasure. 

As a crew member, you won’t be eating ramen noodles. The crew will be eating fresh catch or high-end grocery store sourced products. 

The yacht will dock in destinations that only the rich and famous can enjoy. Well, now you can too. Enjoy the few hours of off time to explore a place you would never have been able to see. 

Explore new destinations by foot is fun but when the owners are away, the crew will play. The jetskis, tenders, diving gear, and fishing equipment are all yours to use at the end of the maintenance days without guests. 

The cons of working on a yacht

Working aboard a yacht can be great fun, but it takes a great deal of commitment. The 9-5 workday is not an option. Expect to fulfill your obligations before the sun comes up and after it sets. The days are long. 

Time away

Some enjoy spending time away from the norm of life, but others who have a family may consider this a daunting task. Be prepared to spend weeks if not monts away from friends and family


Many great crew members work aboard yachts. Everyone will get to know each other very well because of the time spent working together, eating together, and sharing sleeping quarters. With all of this time together, tempers will flair. 


The workload on yachts is extreme. A limited number of people are put in place to keep the vessel looking pristine, drive the craft, tend to the guest’s needs, cook, and keep the engines in excellent working condition. 

Who qualifies for a yacht job?

When it comes down to finding a yacht job, it is more simple than it seems. Yes, some want highly experienced crew, while others are willing to bring on a waitress or waiter, recreational boater, or restaurant cook to train and mold the hiree into what they expect aboard the yacht.

Never feel as though past experiences do not qualify for the open job. It never hurts to send a resume. We have done it and had successful careers aboard yachts without prior experience.

So It Is Time To Get a Job on A Yacht

The best bet to find a job aboard a yacht is through a yacht staffing agency. Many agencies are located in the South Florida area. However, careers on yachts can also be found on some of the most notable employment search engines. Consider your talents and what you enjoy most because the work role for entry-level positions can vary. Yacht crew are pay very well and typically retain staff, that is, of course, if you are a hard worker.