A city situated not far from some of North Carolinas most popular beaches is Wilmington. Both locals and tourists enjoy this area because of the endless white sand shoreline and city life in nearby Wilmington. The coastal waters produce bountiful supplies of oysters. For a taste of local oysters, visit an oyster bar near me in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Is Wilmington Known For Oysters

When it comes to coastal farming, Wilmington has two oyster farms. Carolina Beach Oyster Company and Cape Fear Oyster Company grow two varieties of bivalves. As a result, the local restaurants are supplied with oysters from the surrounding waters.

Beyond farm-raising oysters, they grow naturally in the Wilmington area and can be harvested seasonally in approved areas.

What Kind Of Oysters Are Harvested In Wilmington

In Wilmington, the Crassostrea Virginica, or eastern oyster, grows naturally. These oysters play a significant role in filtering seawater in addition to provide shelter for marine life.

Carolina Beach Oyster Company grows and farms CB oysters. The oysters a plucked from local waters and delivered fresh to restaurants. Neighboring South Carolina also has numerous farms in the Charleston area.

What Do Oysters Grown In The Wilmington Waters Taste Like

Depending on the variety, the taste can vary. The eastern oyster is described as meaty with a briny flavor. CB oysters from Carolina Beach Oyster Company have hints of mineral flavors while salty and crisp. Ask raw oyster bar near me in Wilmington for local options not found elsewhere.

Are Wilmington Oysters Seasonal

Oystering is seasonal in North Carolina. The season to harvest oysters ranges between mid-October and the end of March. Summer water temperatures can cause increases in naturally occurring bacteria levels. As a result of bacteria, consumers are at risk of becoming sick when eating bivalves out of season. Therefore, oysters near me farmed in Wilmington will not be available in restaurants during certain months of the year.

How To Find And Oyster Bar Near Me In Wilmington

Fortunately, finding oysters bars is simple. To find an oyster bar search oyster bar near me or oysters me near me in Wilmington, North Carolina. Make sure to read through the reviews of all the options available.

What Are The Best Oysters Bars In Wilmington

To help save you time, here are the top three oyster bars in Wilmington. These spots have the best oysters Wilmington NC. Check out one or more Wilmington oyster bar mentioned below.

Shuckin’ Oyster Shack

This cool hangout is in the center of the action. It was opened by business partners back in 2012 and has been a hit ever since.

The oyster menu at Shuckin’ Oyster Shack changes daily. Ask about the local options for the best freshness. Shuckin’ Oyster Shack has some of the best fresh oysters Wilmington NC. In addition to oysters, the menu is nearly endless. Children and non-seafood eaters will all have great options.

Shuckin’ Oyster Shack is perfect for game day because of the TV-lined walls. At the same time, your eating local oysters select from the 16 beers on tap. Inquire about the daily specials while you’re here.

Hieronymous Seafood Restaurant and Bar

One of the most well-established restaurants in the Wilmington area is Hieronymous Seafood. They have been in business since 1979.

The raw bar serves up the freshest oysters available in addition to clams, shrimp, and platters to mix and match them all. Pair the oyster with the fish of the day that can be cooked five different ways.

When you’re in the mood to hang at a rustic restaurant with a laid-back vibe, this is your spot. Don’t worry about getting dressed up even though you’re eating some of the finest seafood.

Pinpoint Restaurant

Situated a block from the Cape Fear River is Pinpoint Restaurant. This oyster bar Wilmington NC was established in 2015 and has been recognized as one of the best restaurants in the south.

The local fisherman heavily influences the menu. Pinpoint utilizes the fresh local catches of crab, fish, and shellfish fisherman. For the oyster enthusiast, select from the multiple offerings. Each order comes with cocktail sauce, crackers, and a pickled green tomato mignonette sauce.  

What is unique about this dining establishment is that the menu is updated daily. Daily menu changes are a true testament to utilizing the freshest seafood available daily. As a result, they may not have a local option daily but will source oysters to serve the best oysters in Wilmington NC.

So Its Time To Find An Oyster Bar Near Me In Wilmington, North Carolina

After a day at the beach, head to downtown Wilmington for some of the best and freshest oysters. Remember, local oysters are only available between October and late March, so plan accordingly. Nothing beats a fresh oyster near me in Wilmington. Importantly, you won’t find a shortage of oyster bars near me. During the summer months, other non-local selections will be in oyster bars so you can enjoy oysters year-round.