The coastal regions of the southeastern United States have some of the best oyster bar restaurants in the country. The waters in these areas offer some of the finest oysters available. Oysters are harvested daily, so the restaurants always work with a fresh supply to serve their customers. The next time you’re in Savannah, Georgia, check out the best oyster bar near me.

What Kind Of Oysters Are Harvested In The Savannah Area

The marshy saltwater areas surrounding Savannah grow some of the best-tasting oysters. The Crassostrea Virginica, or eastern oyster, is abundant in the region. Nutrient-rich marshes, allow for oysters have the ideal conditions to thrive.

What Do Oysters Grown In Savannah Taste Like

Eastern oysters are widely known because of its sweet and briny flavor. As a result, these oyster are shipped all across the United States for people to enjoy, even in landlocked cities and towns.

Are Oysters Seasonal In Savannah

Yes, during the summer months, including June, July, August, and September, oysters are not harvested in Georgia. During these months, the oyster’s spawn and also, natural bacteria levels are higher so they can possess a health risk.

How To Find And Oyster Bar Near Me In Savannah

Pick up your phone or use a computer to find an oyster house. To find and oyster bar start searching oyster bar near me or oysters me near me in Savannah, Georgia. A list of options will be available. Read through the reviews.

What Are The Best Options For An Oyster Bar In Savannah

To help you save time, check out an oyster house that we recommend in the Savannah area.

Sorry Charlie’s

Centrally located in downtown Savannah is Sorry Charlie’s. Look for the historic neon fish that hangs from its entranceway outside.

The oysters available vary by season. Oysters come served on the half shell are accompanied by a house-made hot sauce, mignonette sauce, and cocktail sauce.

Beyond the raw oyster selection, oyster Rockefeller and oyster casino are staples on the menu. The restaurant, has a full menu of fresh fish and other options for those who do not prefer seafood. Explore the rooftop bar.

Bernies Oyster House

Bernies Oyster House is tucked into a pre-civil war building that dates back to 1817. Eat fresh oysters while gazing out at the bustling cobblestone street and Savannah River that is lined with massive ships

Sit down and order a plate or bucket of raw, steamed, or fried oysters and pair it with a bloody mary. Again, the oyster selection will be based on the season.

What is excellent about Bernies is that it gives you a feel of Savannah’s long history. Step back in time as you dine at Bernie’s.

The Old Pink House

For a more upscale dining option, consider The Old Pink House. Since the building was constructed in 1771 it has served many purposes. In 1992 the building was restored to its original elegance. The Old Pink House has a long history.

Enjoy the southern elegance while dining. Order a dozen or half dozen fresh oysters on the half shell. Beyond oysters, the restaurant offers a wide selection of steaks, chicken dishes, and other great seafood options.

Like many of Savannah’s historic buildings, keep an eye out for a ghost that may be roaming through the historic structure.

So Its Time To Find An Oyster Bar Near Me In Savannah, Georgia

The next time you’re visiting the historic city of Savannah, Georgia stop in at a local oyster house. If you’re hoping for a local oyster, make sure you plan your visit between October and April before fishermen stop harvesting them during the summer months.