When fishing out in the blue water well off the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, anglers are looking at vast stretches of water, often without structure to find fish. For this reason, anglers must create commotion to attract fish in the vicinity of the trolling spread. One of the best ways is to deploy a daisy chain behind the boat near the trolled lures. What exactly is a daisy chain?

What Kind Of Fish Are Caught While Trolling Offshore

In Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, fishers run offshore in well-equipped boats. The vessels must be able to withstand heavy seas and contain tanks with large fuel capacities. Surely, you don’t want to be in an ill-equipped fishing boat 60 plus miles from shore. 

The largest and most excellent table fare fish spend their time in the blue water. Anglers chase marlin, tuna, wahoo, and dolphin by trolling lures or pitching live baits. 

How Do You Find Fish In The Blue Water

The open ocean appears like a deserted desert consistently. However, by keeping a sharp lookout, anglers will identify areas where pelagic fish will congregate.

Maintain a keen eye for floating debris such as trees, coolers, floats, or other items. Beyond floating plant life or manufactured objects, look for large mats of weed called sargasso weed. It will quickly become evident that baitfish gather, resulting in predator fish feeding in the area. Pay close attention to trolling in these areas. 

Scanning the water is equally as important as monitoring the sky. Frigate birds that dive or circle are a good indicator of gamefish and baitfish in the vicinity. Troll beneath the birds and be ready for a strike. 

Lastly, currents and color changes are easily recognizable. Therefore, troll on the blue water side of color changes where fish feed.

What Is A Daisy Chain

A daisy chain is a long string of hookless teaser baits that are trolled behind the back of the boat ahead of the lure with the hook. The chain contains bird-like imitations or squid which skip along the surface of the water. 

How Does A Daisy Chain Attract Fish

The purpose of the daisy chain is to cause a commotion at the surface of the water. When a fuss is created both visibly and audibly, it attracts the attention of predator fish.

The chain of hookless lures can be either attached to a rig containing a hook or completely independent. A significant number of anglers attach the decoy to the eye hook on the back of the boat to extend just past the prop wash. 

Attracting fish from distances is the primary purpose of a daisy chain, and the setup is highly effective. The rigs can be either made or purchased from major retails or local blue water tackle shops. 

How Deep Should A Lure Be Set Behind A Daisy Chain

When the lure is not directly attached to the rear of the chain, the angler should set the bait twenty feet behind the daisy chain.

When the fish chases the daisy teaser, move the lure closer to increase the likelihood of a strike from the fish. Utilizing teasers leads to more bites.

It Is Time To Use A Daisy Chain For Offshore Trolling

Before heading offshore in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina remember to bring along a daisy chain. The teaser can be made at home with just a few items including fake squid, leader line, and crimps. However, the daisy chains are available online and can be shipped to your door as early as one day. We recommend the Boone Squid Daisy Chain Daisy chains will help improve your chances of catching fish.