Anglers have options when it comes to coastal fishing in North Carolina. The possibilities include fishing from a boat, dock, the shore, beach, pier, and more. One of the most intriguing is a fishing pier because people are in disbelief that an abundance of game fish live close to the beach. Piers extend hundreds of feet from the shore and offer superb fishing opportunities. Here are 5 steps for finding a fishing pier near me in North Carolina. 

Why Should You Fish On A Fishing Pier

There are many reasons why people should cast a line from a fishing pier compared to renting a boat, hiring a captain, or casting from the shore. Here is a breakdown of why you should fish from a pier in coastal North Carolina. 


While fishing piers do not allow free access, they are low in cost compared to fishing charters or boat rentals. 

Take into account that a fishing pier is extending you out over the surface of the water to prime fishing grounds versus casting from the shore or dock. 

The cost to fish from a pier ranges between five and ten dollars per fishing rod. Expect to pay hundreds or over a thousand dollars to hire a professional captain in North Carolina. 

Species Of Fish

Despite the structure extending from the beach over the water, measuring only hundreds of feet, those hundreds of feet allow you to catch a broader range of fish than on the beach itself. 

You will have the opportunity to catch more fish species from the pier than the land. 


Fishing piers are highly convenient for experienced and inexperienced anglers. The pier base is positioned near parking lots allowing you to transport gear by hand or in a fishing cart with ease. Check out the top 7 heavy-duty fishing carts

Lastly, the vast majority of piers sell fishing bait and offer rod rental services if you are not equipped.   

What Can You Catch At A North Carolina Fishing Pier Near Me

When fishing from piers in North Carolina you have the opportunity to catch a wide range of fish species. 

The fish species caught from North Carolina piers include king mackerel, red drum, sea trout, sharks, cobia, bluefish, croaker, spot, black drum, sheepshead, flounder, and more. 

What Should You Bring When Pier Fishing

Whether you are experienced or inexperienced here is a list of items needed when pier fishing in North Carolina. 

Fishing Pliers

Protect your hands from injury when removing hooks or cutting fishing line by using pliers. A pair of pliers are essential when casting from a pier. 

Hoop Net

The distance from the surface of the pier to the waterline is extreme and to avoid breaking off fish a hoop net is required. A hoop net lifts the fish from the water to the pier. 

When you’re on vacation, don’t buy a hoop net but instead ask a fellow angler for assistance when landing a fish of substantial size. 


Bait is a necessity to catch fish from piers. The best pier baits include live or frozen shrimp, squid, mullet chunks, or crabs. 

Hydrating Drinks And Snacks

The North Carolina sun is powerful so in addition to using sunscreen pack water or other hydrating drinks.

In addition to drinks, bring a bite to eat in the event you get hungry while reeling in fish. 

What Are The 5 Steps For Finding A Fishing Pier Near Me In North Carolina

Here are the five steps to follow when finding a fishing pier in North Carolina. 

Step 1. 

The task of finding a pier is made simple with a phone, tablet, or computer. Tourists and locals make easy work of locating a pier when using the internet. 

Step 2. 

In google search fishing pier near me when in the vicinity of the coast. A list of nearby fishing piers will display on the screen. 

Step 3. 

Research the hours of operation of the pier, the cost, and read reviews of the success anglers have found when fishing the pier. 

Step 4. 

Determine which pier is best for you, your family, and your friends. Deciding factors can include entertainment within walking distance of the pier in the event someone becomes tired of fishing. 

Step 5. 

Read the weather forecast to avoid paying the fee only to be forced out due to weather. 

Use These 5 Steps For Finding a Fishing Pier Near Me In North Carolina

Consider fishing when you are visiting or a local to coastal North Carolina. Fishing piers are low-cost options with an abundance of fish. One of the most popular piers in the state is the 937-foot Surf City Pier. Remember to pack bait, snacks, drinks, and watch the tip of your rod for the strike of a fish.