One of the most hearty meals served from a bowl is chowders. Chowders come in many variations, but they are filling and contain healthy ingredients. The thick soup is served in restaurants across the nation. The two most well-known are the Manhattan and the New England clam chowders. What is the difference between the New England and Manhattan clam chowder?

What Do Chowders Consist Of

The vast majority of chowders contain seafood such as clams, fish, or shrimp. However, an alternative for non-seafood eaters is to substitute seafood with chicken. 

In addition to the protein, chowders consist of a bacon or pork base, heavy cream or broth, potatoes, celery, onion, and corn. Remember, the ingredients are altered per the chowder recipe. As a result, the inclusion of vegetables will vary.

Similar to clams, Oysters are prevalent on the east coast of the United States. Commercial fishermen harvest clams and oysters to supply restaurants. However, oysters are not a chowder ingredient despite being a bivalve. 

Once the chowder is prepared at home or a restaurant, it is ladled into a bowl for serving. Chowders are ideal for cold winter days.

What Is New England Clam Chowder

New England clam chowder is a mix of seafood, vegetables, and starches. The most common vegetable includes onion and diced potatoes.

The New England chowder is milk-based; therefore, the color is white compared to brothy Manhattan chowder.

It should be noted that the New England version is thick due to the addition of flour to the recipe. Add bacon to the top of the chowder. New England chowders are thick enough to prevent the bacon from falling into the bowl. 

What Is Manhattan Clam Chowder

Despite the Manhattan version being considered a chowder, it is substantially different from the New England style. 

The first notable difference between the two is the color. The Manhattan chowder is brown to red because it does not contain a milk base but rather a broth with tomatoes. However, the Manhattan chowders are not thick but rather soupy.

Despite the differences, the two versions share similarities. The similarities between the two are the fact that they both contain clams and potatoes. The clams are irreplaceable because they add a briny, firm texture to the chowder. 

What Is More Healthy New England Clam Chowder or Manhattan Clam Chowder

When it comes to determining the more healthy chowder, there is a significant difference between the two varieties. 

Like any milk-based product thickened by flour, the calorie and fat content increases dramatically, especially with the addition of heavy cream. The New England version contains flour and milk; therefore, it is not nearly as healthy as Manhattan chowder.

Manhattan clam chowder consists of broth. As a result, has a significantly lower calorie count. Lastly, the Manhattan variety does not contain thickening agents. 

The health-conscious must order Manhattan versus New England clam chowder to reduce calorie intake.

What Is the Most Popular Variety Of Chowder

Whether you are walking up and down the isles of a grocery store or visiting restaurants, the most popular variety of chowder is the New England. 

Cans of New England chowder line the shelves in the soup aisle compared to Manhattan. Similarly, restaurant menus favor the white version as well. 

Undoubtedly, the New England version is more hearty and comforting due to its thickness and richness compared to Manhattan. Lastly, a New England clam chowder bowl is an ideal starter as it pairs well with most main dishes. 

Do You Know The Difference Between Manhattan And New England Clam Chowder

The next time you dine at a restaurant, pay close attention to the variety of clam chowder served. While the New England version is the most popular, consider following a recipe, creating both types, and determining what best suits your taste buds. You will quickly learn what suits your pallet.