One of the most popular and unique-looking inshore gamefish is the flounder. The flatfish is lives in the coastal waters of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. Both the fighting abilities and fillet quality make it a target for anglers in these regions. However, fish connoisseurs and fishers lack knowledge about the species. Here are the most common questions about flounders. 

Is Flounder Good Eating

The flatfish is one of the best-tasting inshore fish species. The flounder’s fillets are packed with healthy nutrients. These include proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Additionally, they are delicious when prepared in a multitude of ways.

A prepared flounder flakes into small pieces and has a sweet taste but is exceptionally delicate. Take caution when cooking the fillets to avoid them from crumbling into pieces.

The most common cooking methods include deep frying, broiling, or sauteing. Whole scored flounder is the preferred method of cooking because the fish does not become dry and lose flavor. Check out these top flounder recipes for southern cooking

Is Flounder A Popular Fish

The variety of flounder most commonly caught in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina is the southern variety

The fish is immensely popular for anglers who seek them on soft mud and sand bottoms in the coastal waters. Flounders are sought-after because of both the battle and the quality in taste. 

The fillets of flounders are found on the menus of restaurants across the country, in addition to the seafood departments of grocery stores. Anglers are required to follow regulations when harvesting the flatfish, which include size restrictions and quantity limits. The laws are put in place to maintain healthy populations as a result of the popularity. 

For those unfamiliar with the fish, pay attention the next time you’re picking up groceries or browsing menus and try a taste of the sweet and mild fillets. 

How Big Can Flounder Get

The southern flounder has a substantial range. Anglers catch the flatfish in various sizes, but they are most often between 13 and 17 inches. However, the southern variety reaches lengths of up to 33 inches. 

Between the stats of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina, the flounder records range between 15 and 21 pounds. These are massive flatfish that provide a dragging scream fight for the angler. 

It is essential to check saltwater fishing regulations based on your fishing state to ensure that the fish does not fall short of the minimum size. 

What Kind Of Fish Is A Flounder

The southern flounder belongs to the paralichthys lethostigma family and is a long tooth variety. The brown-colored side of the fish faces the surface. Conversely, the bottom is white. The southern flounder has the eyes position on the left side. 

This flatfish distribution is in the Gulf Of Mexico and western portions of the North Atlantic ocean. Recently flounders have seen a reduction in population due to habitat loss in combination with overfishing commercially and recreationally. 

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Catch Flounder

The flatfish is caught during any month of the year in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. However, the location of the fish changes seasonally. 

During the summer months and into the fall, flounders remain inshore, making them easy for anglers to catch. However, the flatfish heads well offshore to spawn as the fall shifts to winter and the water cools. Locating flounders during the winter months presents a challenge because of rough seas and long runs compared to inshore fishing during the summer and fall. 

The Most Common Flounder Questions Are Answered

Consider ordering flounder from the menu or picking up fillets at the local fish market for those who do not fish. The flatfish has an interesting appearance, with one side white and the opposite brown. Anglers must make sure to snap pictures to show off their catch.