Situated just 20 miles outside of Savannah, Georgia is a 700-acre barrier island. The island is home to dunes, creeks, marshes, and an abundance of wildlife. Both locals and visitors flock to the piece of land to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Island goers enjoy the natural and laid-back setting. Here is what you need to know about visiting and explore Little Tybee. 

How Far Is Little Tybee From Tybee

Little Tybee is within short proximity from Tybee Island. The uninhabited barrier island is positioned to the south and west across Tybee Creek. 

Little Tybee is an island because it is free and clear of the mainland. The 6,780-acre land is divided from shore by the Bull River, Tybee Creek, Atlantic Ocean, and Wassaw Sound. 

How Do You Get To Little Tybee Island

The barrier island is not accessible by car. Visitors must utilize paddleboards, kayaks, or boats for the opportunity to wade ashore. 

Paddlesport enthusiasts have the opportunity to launch a personally owned kayak from the boat dock on the southwestern side of Tybee Island. Little Tybee is a short trek across the Tybee Canal. 

Guided tours are available out of Tybee Island. North Island Surf And Kayak offers single, and two-person kayak-guided excursions to the barrier island. The family operation provides an excellent experience. The staff takes pride in guiding you safely in addition to educating you on the significance of the island. 

Who Ownes Little Tybee Island

Georgia owns the barrier island. The land is designated a nature preserve; therefore, the island remains uninhabited except for campers and daily visitors.

The purpose of preserving the island is to aid in the reproduction of threatened sea birds. Birds migrate to and from the isle seasonally for nesting purposes. 

Are There Alligators On Little Tybee Island

Never assume that an alligator is not in your presence despite Little Tybee being surrounded by saltwater. Neighboring Wassaw Island holds an immense population of gators.

Alligators are challenging to spot. Caution must be taken when walking through marsh grass or other areas with thick vegetation. However, it is not uncommon to stumble upon an alligator sunning itself on the beach. 

Can You Kayak To Little Tybee Island

Yes, the primary means of accessing the island is by kayak. Only experienced boaters with local knowledge must transit to the island.

The Savannah waters undergo extreme tidal changes. Inexperienced boaters frequently become stranded when the tide falls. Vessels become left high on the sand until the tide once again rises. Utilize these tips to anchor the watercraft properly at the beach

Can You Fish On Little Tybee Island

Fishing from the island is excellent. Anglers utilizing live or artificial baits find success catching sea trout, redfish, flounder, shark, and black drum. 

To maximize success, purchase live bait from a local tackle shop and place the bait in a bucket with an air pump. The most effective live baits include shrimp and finger mullet.

The set up simple, on a medium action rod and reel, secure a popping cork float with a hook two feet below. Attach the bait and cast along the marsh-lined shores. 

Can You Camp On Little Tybee

The island is open year-round for camping. Little Tybee camping is rustic. No electricity or running water is available. Prepare well in advance. Pack the proper camping gear and food.

Secure the gear properly to the kayak when making the trek to the island. Wakes from vessels and ocean swells have the potential to jostle equipment free where it falls victim to the sea below. 

Are You Ready To Visit Little Tybee Island

Whether you are staying in Savannah, Tybee Island, or Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, Little Tybee provides an escape from the everyday grind. Escape to an untouched barrier island for a day or overnight trip. Remember to pack sunscreen, bug spray, hydrating drinks, and snacks to avoid succumbing to the summertime heat, sun, and flying creatures that bite. Take ample photos during your stay on Little Tybee.