Savannah, Georgia, offers incredible boating opportunities between the abundance of rivers, marsh-lined creeks, and barrier islands. Despite the significant number of marinas, one of the most picturesque is the Landings Harbor Marina located on Skidaway Island. Skidaway Island, particularly The Landings neighborhood, is home to two marinas. Here are 3 things to know about Landings Harbor Marina.

What Amenities Are Included At The Landings Harbor Marina On Skidaway Island

Landings Harbor is a full-service marina for boat owners who prefer wet slip or dry rack storage. Here is a list of the amenities available to those renting space. 

Dry Rack Storage 

The marina provides ample dry rack storage space as it has a total of 292 racks to accommodate boats up to 30 feet long. Forklifts are busy launching and retrieving boats for renters during regular operating hours. 

In addition to dry racks, there is ample wash-down racks to clean or service the boat when needed. 

Wet Slip Storage

Should your preference be to store a boat in the water, Landings Harbor offers 29 slips for boats reaching 45 feet long. Metered 30 and 50 amp electrical hookups are available for shore power. 

Sea Wall To Prevent Damage To Docked Boats

When docking a boat at Landings Harbor, it will not be affected by wakes from passing vessels on the Willmington River. A sea wall surrounds the marina to avoid waves from tossing the boat against the dock on a consistent basis. 


The marina is under surveillance by security, who patrols The Landings neighborhood within gates. Additionally, security cameras are positioned on the marina to reduce or prevent theft.

Fish Cleaning Station

Anglers who store fishing boats at the marina can utilize the fish cleaning station. The fish cleaning station is enclosed to avoid being bitten by bugs while filleting fish. 


Landings Harbor Marina offers restrooms for marina patrons. The restrooms are located next to the ships store. 

Ships Store

The marinas ship store sells hydrating drinks, beer, ice, frozen bait, and clothing for a convenient stop before heading on the water. 

What Is Accessible From Landings Harbor Marina

The marina and its positioning on the Wilmington River allow boaters and anglers the opportunity to explore a multitude of destinations by water. 

Barrier Islands

To the east of the marina heading towards the open ocean is Wassaw Island. Wassaw Island is a wildlife preserve home to numerous animals, walking trails, beaches, a dock, and a ranger station. 

Anchor the boat off the beach or venture to the dock on the island’s south side. When visiting, remember to pack bug spray because the mosquitos are thick during the summer months. 


Waterfront dining is abundant in the greater Savannah coastal region. Travel by boat to restaurants on Tybee Island, Hilton Head Island, or downtown Savannah along historic River Street. 

Downtown Savannah

The city of Savannah is a thirty to forty-five-minute boat ride from the marina. Here you will find public dockage space allowing you to explore the historic city and avoid the hassle of downtown parking. 


The inshore and offshore fishing from the harbor marina is outstanding. We have had limits on fish just half a mile from the entrance to the docks. Run offshore for bluewater gamefish or stay inshore for trout, flounder, and redfish. 

What Are The Drawbacks Of Landings Harbor Marina

Sorry to disappoint, but you must be a resident of the landings to utilize the marina positioned on the north end of the marina. A second, wet slip-only marina called Delegal Creek Marina is set on the island’s south end. 

The Landings, a gated community, is beautiful and, in addition to having the capability to pay for dockage space, it also features 6 golf courses for members of the club. 

At one point, the marina was accepting boats from non-residents but has changed the rules due to the significant number of boat owners within the gates. 

Despite the inability to store a boat at the marina, feel free to stop in for gas, pick up bait, or load up on ice and drinks from the ship’s store when cruising the Wilmington River. 

Landings Harbor Marina Is An Excellent Choice For Residents Of The Gated Community

Whether you are a resident of Savannah or looking to move to the coastal region, check out what the landings offers. You will have the opportunity to store a boat securely minutes from your home by utilizing the Landings Harbor Marina. The staff is friendly, and the rates are reasonable considering the convenience of entertainment beyond the break wall.