What Marine Service Center to Use in Lake Murray SC

Lake Murray is a 50,000-acre reservoir situated with nearly 650 miles of shoreline situated just west of Columbia, South Carolina. The man-made lake engulfs towns and villages of the past. Beneath its waters lie cemeteries, homes, a bridge, boxcars, railroad tracks, roadways, and more. 

The lake is known for being a top tourist destination; it is no wonder why this is the case. Here you will find beautiful parks with beaches, water adventures like tubing, waterskiing, and paddleboarding, waterfront dining, and fishing. 

With the area being a destination for tourists who are trailering in boats from all over the United States, unfortunately, a good number of boats will have a mechanical issue. If you find yourself, unexpectedly needing a Lake Murray service center here are the best choices to consider.

What are the best marine service centers around Lake Murray, South Carolina?

Captain’s Choice Marine

-They have an extensive parts warehouse.-Marine repair technicians who average over 12 years in the industry.-Each technician has a minimum of three or more factory certifications.-Certified to service MercCruiser, Volvo, Penta, Yamaha, and other makes.-Convenient hours Tuesday-Saturday.-The boat must be on a trailer to be serviced; they are not located on the water. 

Captains Choice Marine is located at:

3216 US-378, Leesville, SC 29070. Give them a call to see how quickly they can service your boat at 803-883-0829.

Marine 360

-Conveniently located on the water. If your boat is operational but needs a repair, you can drive up the dock. -Certified techs on multiple engine manufacturers. -Fully stocked parts department.-Convenient hours Monday-Saturday.

Marine 360 is located at:

1925 Johnson Marina Rd, Chapin, SC 29036. They are available by phone at 803-749-2360.

Mountain Top Marine

-Over 60 years of combined experience in boat motor repair.-Certified to service Mercury and Yamaha engines.-Offer repair of other engine brands. -Parts department who will order in anything that they do not typically stock.-Located ten minutes from the lake. -The business days are from Monday through Saturday afternoon. 

Mountain Top Marine location:

5028 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072. Available by phone by dialing 803-358-9100.

Hydro Tech Marine

-Servicing engines since 1989.-Authorized Honda and Evinrude repair center. -Provides service on Yamaha and Mercury.-Utilize computer diagnostic testing to find the problem quickly-Located about ten minutes from the shores of the lake. 

Hydro Tech Marine location:

752 US-378, Lexington, SC 29072. Call them up at 803-957-0664 to see how they can help get you back on the water.

Remember, it is always a good idea to call the repair shops ahead of time to determine how long it will take to have your boat serviced, especially when traveling from out of town. Don’t waste unnecessary time when the unexpected happens on your planned vacation. 

Is Lake Murray SC Good For Boating?

In general, there is a good bit of the state of South Carolina that sits on the water. Many people that live in South Carolina move there knowing that they will never have all that far to drive to the water. In the central part of South Carolina, you will find Lake Murray.

Lake Murray is a very popular fishing destination, but it also serves as a popular spot for boating, watersports, and more. If you find yourself looking for something to do in central South Carolina, take a look at Lake Murray and all that it has to offer.

There are also some boat rental options for those that enjoy the Lake Murray area and are looking for a way to increase time spent on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boat Service Centers

Now that you have some areas in Lake Murray that you can take advantage of great service for your boat, you may have some additional questions about what to expect. Essentially a boat service can be something that you need periodically as part of routine maintenance, or it can be more for a specific issue that occurs. Let’s take a look at a few of these frequently asked questions about boat service centers in Lake Murray.

How Much Does Boat Service Cost?

There are two factors that will impact the cost of boat service, the first is the type of service and the second is the service location. In areas that are very busy and many boaters exist, expect to see high prices for service. These areas know there is competition, and they must stay afloat (no pun intended), so they charge slightly higher prices.

Expect that a boat service could cost between $400 and $1000 depending on the age of the boat and all that is required to complete the service.

How Often Should You Service A Boat?

When it comes to boats, you must service them whether you are using them or not. Most people will service the boat every 100 hours. However, if a boat has not been un in several years, chances are it will also need a service even without having had any run time. Nobody said owning a boat would be easy from a maintenance standpoint. Keep this in mind before you invest.

What Is Included In A Boat Tune Up?

One of the most common services that boat owners will look for is a boat tune up. With a boat tune up you can expect that changing of the fuel filter, oil change, changing of the gearcase lubricant, and potentially some new spark plugs. Make sure you ask any boat service center precisely what is covered in the tune-up. Comparing prices from one service center to another is essential.


Owning a boat can undoubtedly be a love-hate situation. The next time you’re traveling to Lake Murray with friends and family, avoid letting them down by trusting these local repair shops. Now when the unexpected occurs, you’ll be ready to get her in and out of the shop and on the water in no time at all. If worse comes to worst, and your boat will be laid up shoreside for the week, rent a boat—no reason to stay shoreside and be disappointed in your vacation expectations.