Located just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, is Lake Lanier. Lake Lanier is the perfect escape for those living in the city and vacationers from around the United States. This body of water is nearly 38,000 acres in size. The fishing, watersports, and sightseeing are all unmatched by any other lake in the state. Another great way to spend time on the water is by renting a houseboat which is typical to Lake Lanier. The lake is a popular getaway for large family gatherings because of the large homes available for rent. Is it worth considering Lake Lanier House Boat Rentals?

What are houseboat rentals used for?

Keep in mind that when referring to houseboats on Lake Lanier, these are not the type that a small family rents to sleep. These are large vessels that carry big groups of people for a picturesque tour while indulging in drinks and food. 

Houseboat rentals are ideal for special family occasions such as family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and more. Let the captain and crew do the work while enjoying a day on the water.

Where would everyone stay for a gathering at Lake Lanier?

When you plan a large family gathering, wedding, or other events, consider that homes surround the lake. Many of these homes are large to accommodate large groups of people while allowing the guests to split the cost. 

During the planning stages, look on the internet for Lake Lanier cabins or Lake Lanier houses for rent to see what is available. 

What is the best houseboat rental company on Lake Lanier?

The best houseboat rental company is houseboatslakelanier.com. Other rentals are available and can be found on the internet by searching houseboat rental Lake Lanier. 

Why is Houseboats Lake Lanier the best company?

First and foremost, they have three boats with a fourth planned. A houseboat will likely be available upon request.

They are a full-service company offering everything from entertainment to party bus packages. Consider a party bus package to deliver your guests to and from the boat to avoid someone from enjoying too many cocktails and driving home. 

Each of the three boats ranges from seventy feet to ninety feet, so ample space is available. Stay indoors for the climate-controlled environment or head outdoors for fun in the sun. 

A full-service bar and catering services are available to wine and dine while cruising Lake Lanier. 

Both day and night trips are available. For the day-trippers, take a dip in the water by taking in a ride down the two-story slide into the water.

The evenings heat up. Dance the night away with an entertainment system, dance floor, and led lighting. 

Booking a party on any of Houseboats Lake Laniers will be an enjoyable day or night. The lake waters are calm, so friends and family do not need to be concerned about becoming seasick. Consider scheduling a sunset cruise to watch the sun reflect against the water before disappearing among the tree-lined shore. 

Although they have three boats, it is a good idea to plan in advance. Avoid arranging the accommodations before reserving the houseboat cruise. It may lead to an unfortunate situation of informing your guests the most highly anticipated portion of the vacation won’t happen. 


Other houseboat companies are available on the lake. However, Houseboats Lake Lanier provides the best complete package. Plan a trip to visit this lake just outside of Atlanta. Remember, for friends or family who are not nearby, Atlanta offers a major airport. Lake Lanier is only 50 minutes away from the airport. No matter if coming in from near or far, everyone will enjoy a houseboat cruise on Lake Lanier.