Charleston South Carolina is a historical and fun city. There are endless activities to take part in while visiting Charleston. One of the things that most visitors will not want to miss is Folly Beach SC. Although Folly Beach is about thirty minutes from downtown you will have a lot to experience in this area. We will give you the top ten things you need to know before heading down to Folly Beach.

Ten Things To Know Before Heading To Folly Beach SC

1.      What Is Folly Beach Known For?

Folly Beach is known for being the beach of Charleston. Folly Beach is an authentic beach town with all of the shops, bicycles, and restaurants to support it. Folly Beach has a pier known as the Folly Beach Pier, and it is also home to a County Park.

The Folly Beach County Park is an excellent spot for a picnic and to spy a few pelicans if nature watching is your thing. In the heart of the Folly Beach area, you will come across Center Street. If you are looking for that real beach town feel with surf shops and a few shell accessories for your home, this is the place to be.

2.      Is Folly Beach SC Nice?

Folly Beach can be beautiful but it depends on the type of experience that you are looking for. This is not a pristine Caribean vacation destination; it is a beach town tourist-based destination located a few minutes from a large city.

Folly Beach has lots of hotels in the area, so you know that there are places that the locals will stay away from. There are lots of areas where beachgoers can access the beach. Will you get scammed by some inflated food prices at some restaurants in the area. If you have a view and you are close to the water, you will undoubtedly pay a bit more for a hamburger than you would pay elsewhere.

3.      How Far is Folly From Charleston?

Without traffic, it will take you about twenty or thirty minutes to get to Folly Beach. Depending on where you are leaving from and how long it takes you to find a spot to park, plan on 20-30 minutes. The overall length of the trip is about twelve miles.

4.      Is Folly Beach Free?

Walking onto Folly Beach is free; however, parking in the area is not always free. You will have to find a spot, and depending on the day and time that you go, this can be a challenge. If you are heading to the Folly Beach area for dinner, all kiosks are free after 8:00 pm.

Some areas on the main Center Street are also free for parking, pay attention to signs as this can change. Make sure that you do not block any driveways or loading zones while parking as there are always cops around looking to give car tickets.

5.      Where Is The Morris Island Lighthouse?

From Folly Beach, you can view the Morris Island Lighthouse. The Morris Island Lighthouse is on the north side of the city of Folly Beach. You cannot visit the Morris Island Lighthouse at this point; it is merely a beautiful view from the beach.

6.      What Can You Do On The Folly Beach Pier?

The Folly Beach Pier is a little over 1000 feet long, and it offers plenty of activities if you are in the area visiting and even if you live locally. You do not have to pay an entrance to walk onto the pier, but you may pay for parking at the pier.

When out on the pier, you can enjoy the views, get in some great fishing, stop in at the gift and tackle shop, or grab a bite to eat at the restaurant. The Folly Beach Pier is a full-service pier and one that is worth visiting if you are in the area.

7.      Can You Drink Alcohol On The Beach In South Carolina?

Many people want to know if they can drink on the beach in Charleston. Drinking is not allowed on any of the public beaches in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Make sure you follow this rule closely as it is monitored quite often at the beach. If you want to stop for a drink somewhere, visit one of the many bars and restaurants in the area.

8.      Can You Swim At Folly Beach?

Absolutely! Swimming at Folly Beach is one of the primary reasons that it attracts the visitors that it does.

9.      Where To Eat When Visiting Folly Beach SC?

If you want to eat while out on the pier, check out the Pier 101 restaurant. You will get some great views from this spot, and you will have your choice of several upscale dishes.

If you want to go to something a bit more family-friendly and laid back, take a look at Crab Shack. As we mentioned, some of the pricing is going to be inflated because of your proximity to the ocean, but this is still a good spot for some local seafood.

10.  What Is Tides Folly Beach?

Tides Folly Beach is a full-service hotel and restaurant where every room features a view of the ocean. This is a trendy place to stay in the Folly Beach area, and at times the rates can get a little bit high. The good news is that you will be able to walk downstairs and right out to the ocean.

Obviously, we are beach, boat, and water people, however staying downtown Charleston and traveling out to the Folly Beach area may be a better choice. Maybe choose a spot by the Charleston marina or better yet keep your boat overnight at the City Marina. Although Folly Beach has some benefits, there are areas in Charleston that are a bit more fun and exciting to see.

Hopefully, our guide of the Folly Beach area helped you decide whether or no you want to add this one to the bucket list. We will keep adding more information about places to see in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia area. Of course, everything will be based around fishing, boating, and being near the water.