With all of the boat makes on the market today, it isn’t easy to decide what make and model is best suited for you. In the 17 to 27-foot range, boat’s are built with so many varieties, including luxurious cruisers lined with comfortable seating and dining tables, hardcore fishing vessels with live wells and rod holders, and pontoon boats equipped with ample deck space. One vessel to consider when you’re in the market for a boat is the Boston Whaler Dauntless.

What are the key facts about Boston Whaler manufacturing

-These boats are tested and are proven to be unsinkable, they have been shot up with bullet holes, and overloaded and filled with water. The environmentally safe, closed-cell foam keeps her afloat.
-All of the molded surfaces are finished with a high gloss gel coat. That even includes the bilge area for easy cleaning.
-All of the hardware and handrails are made of 316-L stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant.
-Boston Whaler has won an absorbent amount of awards since its inception.

Why is the Boston Whaler Dauntless a good boat

  • The Boston Whaler Dauntless is available in lengths between 17 and 27 feet. This size range means you can find the right Dauntless to suit your needs. 
  • A Dauntless can be built or bought used with a layout for the avid fisherman, watersports, or family cruising; these boats are incredibly versatile. 
  • Engineered for a smooth ride that is extremely stable.
  • Each comes standard with a cooler to ice down your drinks or daily fresh catch.
  • Fuel capacity between 35 and 132 gallons keeps you on the water and away from the fuel dock.
  • Mercury Engine horsepower ratings between 95 and 600. 
  • Fast speeds ranging from 40 miles per hour to 49.5 miles per hour. 
  • The cruising distance on a full tank of fuel is between 273 miles 571 depending on the size and equipped ower of the Dauntless. 
  • Running at top speed shortens the gap to a 148-mile range on the 17 footer and 182 miles on the 27; this is a fuel consumption of 8.5 and 36.7 gallons per hour, respectively. 
  • Spacious bow areas and well-appointed helm seating to leave you and your guests or family comfortable on your journey. 
  • Each size range offers the option to either add a T-Top or sun top to keep everyone safe from harmful UV rays.
  • Up to five colors to chose from on the new builds to include White, Classic Desert, Glaciar Green, Light Blue, and Light Gray. These are colors to suit everyone’s taste.

Electronics package upgrades

Fusion Stereos with multiple speakers to jam out.

Sirius satellite receiver to stay tuned in to your most listened to stations.

Long-range radars to track storms when you’re out on the water.

Satelite weather to plan and stay informed. 

3D Sonar to track everything that’s going on below the water. Great for the dedicated fisherman to find and catch a limit. 

-Since Brunswick Corporation bought Boston Whaler in 1996, all Dauntlesses are fitted with Mercury Engines. The Brunswick Corporation also owns Mercury.

Boston Whaler boats date back to military use in the Vietnam War by Navy Seals to patrol rivers and make rescues. Today’s government use of vessels manufactured by Boston Whaler is primarily utilized by Coast Guards worldwide.

Having been a trusted name dating back to the Vietnam war, it’s no wonder why it’s such a notable boat today. If you’re in the market for an unsinkable cruiser, fishing vessel, or water sports machine, consider the Dauntless. Her engineering and streamlined finish will turn heads and leave you, and your guests amazed at her smooth ride.