No matter if you live in the Southeast or travel from out of town, surf fishing is always a good choice. Many people believe that fish can only be caught on a boat with expensive rods, reels, and rigs. Surf fishing should never be overlooked as an option the next time you are visiting a coastal town. Why should you consider surf fishing rather than paying an expensive charter to catch fish in North Carolina. 

What Is Surf Fishing

Surf fishing is casting from the water or beach while attempting to catch a fish. Surf fishermen range from novices to professional anglers, but everyone can get on the action of catching fish. A wide range of tackle can be used, from lightweight spinning gear to heavy surfcasting combinations. 

What Type of Fish Can Be Caught When Surf Fishing in North Carolina

You won’t need to rent a charter boat or go to the local fish market. Some of the best tasting fish can be caught directly from the beach. Catch a tan while you cast a line for sea trout, red drum, black drum, flounder, croaker, whiting, and more. The kitchen in your vacation rental may be just steps away to cook these up for dinner, whether you are surf fishing in South Carolina near myrtle beach, Carolina beach surf fishing, or anywhere else along the coast of North Carolina.

These same types of fish can be caught when surf fishing north myrtle beach near the southern end of the state up through the Outer Banks on the north side of the state.

What Type Of Equipment Is Needed To Fish From The Beach?

Some surf fishing will be equipped with fancy spinning reels, long rods, a beach cart, and other gear. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment to catch fish along the shoreline. Most of the supplies you will need will be pulled from your garage before you depart on your trip. 

Rods and Reels

You won’t need to run to the store to pick up a surfcasting combination. Bring along one or more spinning reel combos that have as much line on them as possible if you don’t have one, pick up something cheap if you’re only going to use it a couple of times a year. 

NC Surf Fishing Rigs

When it comes to buying rigs for surf fishing, wait until you get to your North Carolina beach destination. Stop in a local bait and tackle shop. To find a bait store near you, use the following search terms on your phone or computer- bait shop near me or tackle shop near me. 

Most surf fishing setups will have one or more hooks with a swivel on both ends. One side goes to the line on your reel, and the other allows for a weight to be added for holding the bottom. Ask someone at the shop how much weight is needed in the rough surf. Buy a few rigs and sinkers in the event you lose some.  This goes for surf fishing Carolina Beach or elsewhere in the state.


Don’t leave the tackle store yet. Pick up frozen bait while you’re in the shop. Shrimp or squid will do the trick but keep them frozen until you’re ready to head out fishing. Depending on how frequently you’re going to cast a line, you may want to grab more than one pack.

Fishing license

In North Carolina, you must have a saltwater fishing license if you are over the age of 16. To purchase a saltwater fishing license, visit North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission

Other helpful items

The following items will make your North Carolina surf fishing experience much more enjoyable and may help prevent you from being injured. 

Pliers to remove hooks from fish

Knife for cutting bait



Cooler for legal-sized fish

Comfortable chair

Rod holder such as a sand spike

Gloves for handling fish

Measuring tape

What Type Of Fish Should Be Handled With Care?

Some fish species can be caught, which can inflict a painful bite or sting. Both stingrays and sharks should be handled with special care. Avoid the tail section of a stingray and keep your fingers clear of a shark’s mouth when removing the hook. The same goes for South Carolina surf fishing and Georgia surf fishing.

Considerations When Surf Fishing North Carolina

In highly populated areas, it’s always essential to make sure that the section of beach you plan to fish allows for it. If not, slide down the way. Lastly, make sure the kids are not playing in the area where the hook is resting on the seafloor. A hook in the foot may result in an unexpected hospital visit. 

So Is It Worth Surf Fishing in North Carolina

Surf fishing NC provides entertainment for the entire family. One rod can be passed around so everyone can experience the fun. Surf fishing South Carolina and Georgia is equally as popular. The fight of the fish is thrilling, and photo makes the memory last. The next time you plan a trip to the beach along the Atlantic ocean, bring along a rod and reel.