Avoid venturing off to the local sushi restaurant or grocery store to indulge in sushi. Anglers often overlook the fact that they have the opportunity to run offshore and catch sushi-grade fish. Bluewater fishers in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina can load up on the species that make the best sashimi, seared fish, rolls, or simply sliced raw. What are the best fresh-caught fish for homemade sushi recipes?

What You Need To Make Sushi At Home

Fortunately, the ingredients and equipment needed to make sushi at home are minimal. Keep in mind, the tools and components that go into sushi vary based on the style in which you are preparing the fish. 

The most crucial component to preparing a homemade sushi recipe is a sharp knife. Sharp knives will slice through the fillets and avoid them from becoming flattened or bruised in the process. 

When it comes to making rolls, purchase a bamboo rolling mat to make your life simple. In addition to the mat, the ingredients for rolls include sushi paper, sticky rice, finely sliced cucumber, and of course, your freshly caught fish. 

Add a splash of color by laying pickled ginger on the plate. The purpose of the ginger is to clear the palate. Lastly, always remember to prepare two side dishes, one that contains soy sauce and a second with wasabi, to add an element of spice. 

Bamboo Sushi Rolling Mat

What Kind Of Fish Is Best For Homemade Sushi Recipes In Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina

Don’t look past the fish swimming off of the coast of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Take the opportunity to catch sushi-grade species in your backyard fresh from the water. 


One of the fastest fish in the ocean is the wahoo, and it is found in the gulf stream waters off the coast. The best method to catch wahoo is by trolling top water skirts and ballyhoo or Yozuri diving lures. 

These speedsters will make an initial long screaming run before coming along the side of the boat after a hard battle. Make your best effort to avoid gaffing the fish in the side where the meat is contained to prevent wasting the valuable sushi.

Raw wahoo is light pink in coloration, contains low levels of oils, is lean, firm, and most importantly, does not contain a fishy taste. Wahoo is a treat for sushi lovers. Avoid rolling it; simply slice the fish and serve it with soy and wasabi. 


Believe it or not, there are multiple tuna species in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. The most common include the blackfin, yellowfin, and bluefin tunas

Much like the wahoo, tuna are also found in the gulf stream waters. Anglers target tuna by trolling feather lures or pitching live baits to large groups of schooling fish. Both are equally effective when it comes to catching these football-shaped fish. Again, avoid gaffing the fish where the meat is most prominent along each side. 

The reddish-hued fillets are mild in flavor and do not contain a fishy taste when served fresh. The tuna is excellent, both rolled or sliced and served raw. One of the most popular tuna rolls includes the spicy tuna roll. 

How Do You Store Freshly Caught Fish When Serving The Fillets Raw

Whether you are serving fish raw or cooked, the key is to keep the fish ice cold from the moment it is pulled from the water to when it is prepared for eating. 

Pack plenty of ice onboard the vessel to keep the fish cold until reaching the fillet table. Once the fish is cleaned and bagged, transfer the fillets immediately back into the ice until you get to the house. 

Avoid holding the fillets for days on end. The best-tasting sushi will come from fish caught the same day. When the fillets are transferred to the fridge, keep them on a bed of ice until they are sliced or rolled and served. 

Head Offshore To Catch Fresh Sushi Grade Fish For Homemade Sushi Recipes

Keep in mind that bluewater is well offshore of South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia; therefore, the vessel must withstand rough seas and changing weather conditions. Pack plenty of ice to place the fresh catch immediately to maximize the quality of taste. Head home, call over friends and family and indulge in the freshest homemade sushi recipes.