Hilton Head Island in South Carolina offers endless outdoor entertainment. The island is positioned near the South Carolina and Georgia border and is nestled between two historic cities. The two cities are Charleston, which is to the north, and Savannah to the south. Maximize your trip to Hilton Head, so plan a vacation during the correct months when the weather is superb. Hilton Head Island weather changes seasonally. Here is when to visit. 

What Are The Average Hilton Head Island Temperatures During Each Season

Hilton Head Island weather changes significantly based on the season. In addition to air temperatures, the sea temperatures rise and fall through the year. Here are the weather averages per season on the Island.


During the winter months on the island, the temperatures on average range between 30 and 62 degrees. Similar to the air temperature, the ocean is not enjoyable to enter the water when lounging on the beach.  


The air temperatures vary between 48 and 82 degrees; however, the ocean remains chilly until the latter half of the spring. 


Summer is prime time on Hilton Head Island as the temperatures soar to 90 degrees and rarely drop below 70. The ocean peaks during August, averaging 84 degrees. 


In the fall, the air and sea temperatures begin to drop. During the early fall, the island sees an average of 85 degrees, but temperatures struggle to climb above 70 degrees by late fall. 

How Does Weather Impact Vacation Activities On Hilton Head Island

When visiting Hilton Head Island, don’t plan on an abundance of indoor activities. The bulk of the entertainment is found outside. Here are the most common outdoor activities on Hilton Head Island and how the weather impacts your plans. 


One of the number one reasons people visit Hilton Head Island is enjoying golf. The island is loaded with golf courses, and two of the most notable include Palmetto Dunes and Sea Pines

No matter the season, golfers are capable of playing year-round on Hilton Head Island. We recommend the spring and fall when the temperatures remain the most comfortable compared to cold or hot. 


Hilton Head provides excellent angling opportunities for experienced and inexperienced. The island offers boat rentals, inshore fishing charters, offshore fishing charters, and shore fishing. 

During the winter months, fishing is an uncomfortable experience when strong winds and cold temperatures combine. The best months for fishing on the island are during the late springs, summer, and fall. 


Unbeknownst to most, dining is a prime attraction to Hilton Head Island visitors. The island offers every cuisine type imaginable in combination with outdoor seating.

We recommend visiting the island in the spring, winter, and fall to enjoy the opportunity to dine outside. However, islands restaurants offer deeply discounted meal options during the late fall and winter to attract locals and tourists. When it comes to saving money, the offseason is a good season. 

The best waterfront restaurant on the island is Hudsons. Visit the restaurant by boat or by car. 


Beachgoers flock to the island because of the endless white-sand beaches. Hilton head Island allows you the opportunity to spread out and find space. 

The best time of year to enjoy the beach on the island is during the late spring, summer, and early fall. The air and sea temperatures remain comfortable to enjoy. 


Hilton Head Island offers boat ramps, marinas, and boat rentals for owners or first-time boaters. Explore the inland waters and sea life, including a significant population of bottlenose dolphins. 

In addition to marine life, take advantage of dining by boat. The island is home to numerous waterfront restaurants with ample dockage space. We recommend the summer months to get the most out of boating on Hilton Head because you can also participate in watersports such as tubing. 

How Does Hilton Head Island Weather Effect Traveling In And Out 

The weather has minimal impact on traveling in and out of the island, by car or plane. Two airports make flying to Hilton Head Island a breeze. 

One airport option is the Hilton Head Island Airport which is on the island itself. A second airport option is the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport, in neighboring Savannah, Georgia, about 45 minutes away. 

When driving to Hilton Head, follow the weather closely in the fall because of the risk of hurricanes. The impacts of hurricanes include mandatory evacuations and bridge closures. 

Hilton Head Island Weather What Is The Best Time Of Year To Visit

To maximize the ability to enjoy the outdoors on Hilton Head Island, we recommend visiting during the summer months. However, expect the restaurants, beaches, golf courses, boat rentals, and more to be congested with people as it is peak travel season. Plan the late spring or early fall to maximize weather while reducing long wait times and challenges enjoying your planned activities.